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Being a federal firearms license holder can be a fairly easy or a nerve-wrecking process.  The aim here at FFL TRUST is assisting you and turning it into a productive and beneficial process.  Our customers shouldn’t have any worries or concerns related to the application process. FFL works hard for the peace of mind of our clients, our aim is relieving you of any unnecessary stress. You don’t have to worry about your FFL application being rejected.  Our guides will accompany you through your entire application procedure, even before you start applying, so you will feel positive about being approved long time before you even apply.  The very best place to start is by getting acquainted to the FFL requirements. Understanding what the FFL requirements exist will also aid you in comprehending the timing related to how the FFL process will take. The easiest way to say it is this: the criteria for the FFL license exist is to make sure that only the citizens who have proven themselves to be abiding the law, get a positive reply on their application and get to be FFL license holders.  The FFL holder will have the capacity to buy, sell, and repair firearms starting from the moment his request is approved. The requirements for FFL licensing are basically plain, simple and quite direct.

Understand The FFL Requirements Today

The minimum conditions for an FFL license are are: first, be at least 21 years of age. Second, not being restricted from shipping, transporting, receiving, or possessing firearms or ammunition. We get this question from our customers a lot: “how can I find out if I am prohibited from any of these activities?”  Well, it’s fairly simple to answer, if you were prohibited from doing any of the above, you would know!  You have an intact gun right as a US citizen. In order to lose it, citizens must commit a felony. Nevertheless, if you have a felony on your record, there are ways of getting your gun rights restored. We can assist you in pointing the correct direction out to you, in order to establish if you fit that case. Third, there should be no willful violations of the Gun Control Act. What this means is you’ve never on purpose done anything, you knew to be illegal in direct relation to firearms. This can be buying a gun for somebody else that couldn’t buy or possess a firearm otherwise. This is referred to as a straw purchase and is considered a intended violation of the Gun Control Act. Fourth, not willfully failing to reveal any material information or willfully effective false declarations concerning material evidence or facts in relation to your actual FFL application. Along with these conditions you also must be able to prove some basic elements related to your proposed location. The language appears to be quite simple, however are you sure about everything that it implies? Wouldn’t you feel much more comfortable and at ease knowing that you have some help that ensure successfully getting your ffl application through the first time you submit your request? The feds won’t demand you to have a gun safe or an alarm system. This is quite useful because it helps make sure that your initial investment is small and affordable.  You will be, however, solicited, to have an actual location of operation. You cannot use a post office box.  Your home residence, as a location is ok, but there are other options for you to consider, such as setting up a commercial location for your FFL, in case this is what you intend.  This location must not be your property a regular lease contract is fine.  As you can see, the actual location requirements are quite manageable. Firearms transfer volume specific conditions?  Nope. You will have to renew your FFL License every three years, at which time you’ll be asked for an estimate on how many transfers you have done in the previous year.  Zero over a 3-year span, will definitely be a red flag, but there is no magical condition imposed at the renewal time.  We have helped a number of weapon consultants obtain their FFL and Class 3 licenses and they have conducted transfers quite rarely.  Anything you might’ve read or heard about the volume “requirements” are strictly Internet rumors and myths. What you are however required to do, is keeping neat, accurate records.  You will be obligated to keep thorough paperwork or digital records of all firearms and they’re where about, as in where you obtained them from (this is strictly related to FFL items, not personal ones) and to whom you transfer them to.  Normally, you are required to run a background check on your buyer before you go ahead with the transfer. However there are certain states that have permits replacing the need for a background check.  Please bear in mind that you are required to keep these records for 20 years. Are you obligated to store your personal firearms into the FFL inventory?  Nope, again! This is yet again a Internet rumor and myth.  If you store your “FFL” firearms in the same location as you would your personal firearms (like in the exact same gun safe), the ATF solicits that you specifically tag or label your personal items, with a sticker that says: “not for sale”.  However, if you should intend to sell one of the personal firearms, you must first move it into your FFL inventory and perform a transfer, as you would for any other firearm you would sell.  Selling a personally owned firearm through your FFL means, you are sure a background check is performed and mandatory records and paperwork trail are maintained. We know exactly what is needed in order to get your FFL application approved, because we have already assisted thousands of gun owners who wanted to launch their own home-based FFL. We will help you understand what the federal firearms license requirements are, and what you need to do, so we can, together, make sure your application gets through successfully. We are sure of our success this is why, we will offer you a worldwide, one of a kind, $5000 money back guarantee. Rest assured, if you want to get your FFL the fast and easy way, this is where you’re supposed to be. Join to join the ranks of FFL holders across the nation today! See additional FFL resources! Not sure yet? Check out our benefits of obtaining an FFL and see for yourself!!  

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