There are certain requirements to be met in order to be a licensed firearm owner, collector, manufacturer or dealer in every state. The application takes about 60 days to be processed and takes into account both federal and state laws regarding ownership of firearms.

Reasons to Get an FFL

Major advantages of having a Federal Firearm License is that:

You enjoy a 30% discount on all purchases from wholesalers. The license is renewed every 3 years, which is almost a guarantee that you will have made a sale and returned the application fee of $150.

With an FFL, it is easier to conduct business, offline or online in regards to guns, ammunition and their parts without restriction. It also makes your services needed since you can act as a transaction agent for those without FFL.

Also, FFL holders are normally exempted from the state law hence, no background checks, and can access some restricted products and services.

How Our Guide will Help you Get an FFL Easily

All applicants must be 21 years of age, never convicted of a felony, and get fingerprints recorded using a fingerprinting card by the ATF.

Our FFL application and acquisition guide explains:

Easy, step by step processes to follow that will enable qualified persons to get their firearm license.

Requirements, monetary and otherwise that you need to apply for FFL in Florida.

The locations of local ATF field offices where you are supposed to avail yourself for a face-to-face interview.

Since the Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is in charge of authorizing FFL, all their policies are explained thoroughly for your understanding.

Remember that the Bureau plays a role in law enforcement, and must, therefore, allow no violent person, criminals, terrorists, gangs, firearm traffickers, or drug traffickers to be in possession of firearms.

Pitfalls to avoid during application so that it is not rejected are highlighted—you will not find them anywhere else.

Note that dealing in firearms can be restrictive in terms of credit card use for any selling or buying firearms, therefore, our guide explains how you can get companies that offer gun-friendly services.