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FFL License - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of getting an FFL License?

A : Holding an FFL license can be beneficial because it can provide an extra income source, allowing you to make extra money from home. It also offers you the benefit of having a 30 percent discount on your own firearms and ammo. This way, you get rid of transfer costs and problems. Plus, you get the freedom to sell and buy firearms at your leisure. The greatest benefit is not having to worry about potential prohibitive and restrictive laws that can prevent unlicensed citizens in the future.


Q: How much does an FFL cost?

A : This depends a lot on the kind of license you are thinking of applying for. The cost varies between $30and $200 for a 3-year license. You will have to submit credit card information on your application forms with the ATF. The renewal of your license costs $30per year and you will pay for every three years in advance. It’s quite a smart and affordable investment if you stop to think about it.

Q: Can you tell me more about the contents of your guides?

A : The guides we wrote are 100 percent original and they are based on the FFL know-how and experience we’ve gathered over the years, first-hand by being involved with hom- based FFL and Class 3 dealers. The experience and insight we can provide you with is based on the fact that key members of our team has applied for different types of licenses in different states of America and being directly involved in this environment on a daily basis. Our guides are also copyrighted.

The guides I’ve written have been studied and checked up on by FFL holders, CPAs, lawyers, copy editors and even past ATF employees who we have commissionedr  as to bring bonus information and added value to the content of my work.

There is one more important thing you should know about me: We are used to taking feedback from our customers on a daily basis. We keep the guides continuously updated in order for them to be able to serve their purpose best– helping you get your FFL approved.

Q: Will the ATF require a business "storefront" to get my FFL? Can I use my home address or apartment to apply for my FFL and Class 3?

A : No, a storefront is not mandatory if you follow the other steps as explained in the kit. And yes, you can also rent from a condo, too!

Q: How many FFL Licenses are currently active in each state?

A :

  • 2,339 FFLs in Alabama,
  • 993 FFLs in Alaska,
  • 2,996 FFLs in Arizona,
  • 1,996 FFLs in Arkansas,
  • 8,205 FFLs in California,
  • 2,745 FFLs in Colorado,
  • 1,764 FFLs in Connecticut,
  • 345 FFLs in Delaware,
  • 7,288 FFLs in Florida,
  • 3,745 FFLs in Georgia,
  • 300 FFLs in Hawaii,
  • 1,346 FFLs in Idaho,
  • 4,899 FFLs in Illinois,
  • 2,933 FFLs in Indiana,
  • 2,088 FFLs in Iowa,
  • 1,904 FFLs in Kansas,
  • 2,442 FFLs in Kentucky,
  • 2,127 FFLs in Louisiana,
  • 944 FFLs in Maine,
  • 2,989 FFLs in Maryland,
  • 3,777 FFLs in Massachusetts,
  • 4,294 FFLs in Michigan,
  • 2,701 FFLs in Minnesota,
  • 1,482 FFLs in Mississippi,
  • 6,001 FFLs in Missouri,
  • 1,501 FFLs in Montana,
  • 1,117 FFLs in Nebraska,
  • 1,336 FFLs in Nevada,
  • 1,125 FFLs in New Hampshire,
  • 535 FFLs in New Jersey,
  • 1,131 FFLs in New Mexico,
  • 4,084 FFLs in New York,
  • 4,592 FFLs in North Carolina,
  • 629 FFLs in North Dakota,
  • 4,930 FFLs in Ohio,
  • 2,399 FFLs in Oklahoma,
  • 2,575 FFLs in Oregon,
  • 6,136 FFLs in Pennsylvania,
  • 571 FFLs in Rhode Island,
  • 2,144 FFLs in South Carolina,
  • 767 FFLs in South Dakota,
  • 3,437 FFLs in Tennessee,
  • 10,094 FFLs in Texas,
  • 1,182 FFLs in Utah,
  • 551 FFLs in Vermont,
  • 4,339 FFLs in Virginia,
  • 2,812 FFLs in Washington,
  • 1,446 FFLs in West Virginia,
  • 3,056 FFLs in Wisconsin,
  • & 833 FFLs in Wyoming

Q: If I apply from my home address, are any modifications required to my home by ATF?

A : The guide explains this question in great detail, so you fully understand what is exactly required by the ATF and why there is no need for any modification to your home. The guide covers even the situation in which you need to move and then the FFL location changes.

Q: Does your kit also cover the FFL licensing process if I plan to open a store front now or in the future?

A : Yes, you can find this information and more in the guide.

Q: Will ATF require a gun safe?

A : No, a safe is not mandatory by the ATF and in my guide explains thoroughly how to keep from purchasing a safe.

Q: Will I be able to buy guns, ammo, and other sporting goods supplies at "dealer" cost after I get my FFL?

A : Yes!  You can buy all of the above, tax-free from wholesalers once you have an FFL license. We will also provide you with information on which wholesalers have best prices, payment terms and firearm selection.

Q: What is the best approach to make extra money with my home based FFL license when just starting out?

A : The Internet is the best way! You can add an auction on What you do is basically order the item from a wholesaler and after your auction is concluded,you get paid.  It normally takes 1 to 2 days for the item to arrive. Afterward, you can ship item to customer’s FFL dealer in their home state.

The good thing is that a wholesaler won’t be requiring their money instantly and you have 30 to 120 days to pay them. This is a very easy money-making method that doesn’t come with a lot of paperwork. Gun shows are another possibility. However, this is just one method and there are many more in my guide.

Q: How many different types of FFL licenses are there and does your kit cover them all? Does your kit cover the home and storefront application process?

A : In total, there are eight different FFLs. These are Type 01, 02, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10 and 11. My guide gives specific information on all FFLs. Class 02 and Class 03 FFL License are taken to a complete detailed level in the combo package I’ve created. With the help of my guides, you will learn which FFL best suits your needs. I have learned a lot by making mistakes, thus I want to prevent you from doing the same and offer my guidance for a successful application.

Q: Does your kit include the ATF pre-work that you must do before submitting the application? I understand ATF is sending denial letters to applicants that do not complete the pre-work correctly?

A : Yes, you’ll find all details on this issue in my kit. This specific aspect is a key focus for ATF in order to make sure that the pre-work is filled in correctly before  applying

Q: What are common mistakes made by people who apply for an FFL License on their own without the help of your kit?

A : The trick is this: If the ATF rejects your application once, you need to explain in great detail what the reason of your rejection was the second time you apply. The failure will be held against you in your application process. This is why it’s so important to get the application right the first time. By using my kit, you will understand the process before getting to the point of filling in your application. My kit reduces the chances of a rejection a great deal. The guide helps you understand the process, the demands of your area and thus approach the application in the right way. This is the key fact: Not getting it right will automatically lead you to failure or delays. Most of the information you get online is outdated or just plain false.

Look at it this way: if I need a mechanic, an electrician or a plumber, I hire one. This is the logic that I applied when first soliciting my FFL from home. I heard some tales and some of the impediments and sought assistance in order to better my shot at obtaining the license. The reason that I started my guide is that quite simply the help I had was completely useless. It lacked know-how and expertise. The help wasn’t personal or up to date. The kit I offer is thorough, updated and has a neat concept. This is the reason why I offer a 150 percent money-back guarantee on it. Because of the personal relationship I have with my customers, I benefit from honest feedback that helps me keep my info accurate and updated.

None of my clients regretted making this investment once their FFL application was approved. This fact makes me feel particularly proud and I will never stop working as hard as I can to help each client surpass his/her expectation.

I have a state concealed carry permit. Will that speed up the FFL License approval process?

A : There is no difference. The carry permit is a state-issued permit. The FFL is a federal license. As such, the state-issued permit cannot influence the timeframe in which the ATF approves your FFL.


Q: What is the hardest part about getting an FFL?

A : The only part that can be hard is a situation in which the government decides to enforce radical alterations of the process. I will simplify the process for you as much as possible and I can guarantee a positive outcome. Be my partner in this process and let’s get the show on the road! You’ve been wondering whether to do it for far too long; trust me, it’s time to bite the bullet!

Q: Will the ATF really want to meet with me after reviewing my application?

A : Yes. This meeting is as crucial as the FFL application itself. It is genuinely a one-on-one meeting at your FFL License location. The ATF must make sure that you understand the federal laws that are governing the firearms sales. It can be a complex meeting. My kit will teach you everything you need to know, what to expect and I will make sure you are thoroughly prepared. What I assist you with is telling you exactly what and when to expect and what type of answers are right for the ATF concerns. This is one of the most important advantages my kit gives you.  This is step 4 of my approval process. If you buy my guide and use this advantage, I assure you of a brief and successful interview that savesyou and the ATF the time and trouble

Q: I have read on other websites that I need to be a certified gunsmith to have a home based FFL License?

A :  This is false. You’ll find all answers to these questions and everything needed to get your home based FFL approved in my kit.

Q: How long will the entire process take?

A : As far as the federal law states, the ATF has to contact an applicant within 60 days of the ATF processing your payment. The interview will also be set up at this point. Further details related to the complete approval process are highlighted in my guide.

Q: What is the advantage of having a Class 3 FFL license?

A : You can buy, make, sell and transfer all NFA items like machine guns, silencers, explosives, and other destructive devices. The most common reason is the fact that making a machine gun is much cheaper than buying one for $10,000. By being a Class 3 FFL license holder, you get to buy your NFA items without paying $200 tax stamp for each item. This way, you save thousands of dollars that you’d normally have to pay for. Another reason is because selling silencers will bring you more money than selling firearms.

Q: How often are your guides updated?

A : I update my guide on a daily basis. I have a very active customer base and many previous customers who are FFL holders. This is why I keep updating, giving feedback or many hints that improve the guide continuously. The guide has been revised by professionals such as lawyers, copy editors, accountants and FFL license holders. This guarantees that the guide offers the highest quality information as possible.

Q: How do I know the FFL Trust guide is the best?

A : The guide guarantees your approval or 300 percent money back warranty! As long as you follow the steps in the guide and do what we recommend, there is no doubt that you will get your home-based FFL. We have successful customers in all 50 states of our nation. In case you become our first customer to ever not receive approval, we will return all your money and give you a 50 percent bonus on what you’ve initially paid. We are the only ones in the world who can offer you this guarantee. How do we know, you’ll ask? We’ve done our research and  we know it for a fact!

Q: Why did you decide to focus your part-time FFL and then Class 3 on mostly silencers?

A : A local gun shop will add 15 percent over MSRP and make a huge profit in the process. It’s like a modern day monopoly. When our customers start their part-time/Internet business model, they discover the margins are much higher selling silencers and that it made sense. A silencer will be shipped the same week the order is placed.  Whereas, if you don’t have a Class 3 license, you’ll have to wait between  6 and 9 months.

Q: What are other home-based FFL application insights?

A :  Most customers claim that the application process took them 1 to 2 hours instead of an initial 20 to30 hours, only because they followed my simple 5-step process. Also, trust me in saying that I’ll help you get it right the first time you do it because you’ll know what to expect and what the right answer is.

I have helped many thousands of gun owners in all 50 states. I promise you, there is no need to call me and ask about your specific area or “one-of-a kind” situation; I have seen and heard every possibility and my guide has worked every single time, no challenge has ever been too great. Mine is a learned skill that I have expertise in and I can’t wait to start working with you towards your successful approval. Believe me; it’s worth your time as well — you’ll have more of it if you work with me.

Q: Why do you do this?

A : I strongly believe that the people should be in control, not the government. I love helping others and it brings me joy assisting a gun owner get access to a completely new world and a new sense of freedom. The business itself barely breaks even with all the expenses and the time it takes to answer all the emails. But it develops a great deal of self-satisfaction. I have also been able to justify all the expenses of this website (to my wife ) because I am building a network of FFL dealers to sell my private label silencers. On top of this, I am passionate about helping others find their way through the government’s labyrinth of bureaucracy. The purpose of this labyrinth is to scare you away. What I do, is simplify this maze for you so that we can find the way out together.. My mission is to help every gun owner obtain his or her FFL License and is able to buy and sell firearms as they please!

That’s how well our kits work, but here’s precisely what you get. Check out the critical things that Only the FFL Trust Kit Has:

Exclusive FFL Trust – FFL License Guide

  • We walk you through each and every step of FFL License approval process.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions. Our Guide Only
  • Local issues included and solved (the top reason for failure). Our Guide Only
  • Complete access to all must-have required forms for the FFL application process.
  • Sample application, showing exactly what needs to go on the application. Our Guide Only
  • ATF visit preparation guide mega reference (more than 20,000 words) .Our Guide Only
  • Examined all nine FFL License types for you to decide which one you want. Our Guide Only
  • Final checklists to ensure you submit the right items to ATF for processing and avoiding errors.
  • California, New York and New Jersey FFL-necessary paperwork! (Even at-home FFL inMassachusetts.) Our Guide Only
  • All regulations on both state and federal laws governing firearms! Our Guide Only
  • Acquisitions and Dispositions (A&D) template in Excel approved by ATF! Our Guide Only
  • Detailed Guide to successfully completing Form 4473 for all transactions. Our Guide Only
  • Every handout and brochure the ATF requires for new FFL License holders. Our Guide Only
  • Exclusive access to member’s-only website and member’s forum (more than 100,000 members). Our Guide Only
  • Detailed list of every licensed FFL dealer in the country. Our Guide Only
  • Exclusive sample A&D log to see how to accurately document every type of transaction. Our Guide Only
  • Background info on NICS and guns shows for FFL dealers.
  • Detailed guidance on how to complete day to day forms for your business operations.
  • Wholesalers and manufacturers “How To Establish Accounts” best prices and selection. Guide Only
  • Additional bonus list of over 30,000 manufacturers and wholesalers. Our Guide Only
  • Prepare you for ATF inspections and help you remain in compliance. Our Guide Only
  • Proprietary software to manage firearms collection. ($299 value)
  • Updated daily!
  • 300 percent money-back guarantee

Exclusive FFL Trust – Class 3 (SOT)Guide

  • Unmask the complexity by personal guidance from the nation’s largest Class 3 consultancy!
  • Start mastering where better margins lie in the market for Class 3 weapons!
  • Learn how to obtain and complete dealer demo machine gun samples
  • Join one of the hottest and fastest growing firearms sectors in our nation!
  • Be in contact with Class 3 experts, FFL Trust
  • Learn what to anticipate during application process and get know-how from our recent experience!
  • Step by step guide that clearly explains every detail on the dealer application process!
  • All forms needed in friendly downloadable format!
  • National Firearms Act (NFA) contact numbers of specific people in WV for questions that always come up!
  • Highlight all NFA laws within federal references, including insights from our ATF inspection visit!
  • Forms for future transfers and information regarding how the transfers actually take place!
  • All federal and state references that you need to reassess!
  • Authorizations forms for fax communications with ATF!
  • Access to a member’s-only website in a coherent and user-friendly format
  • Exclusive proprietary acquisitions and dispositions log!
  • 300 percent money-back guarantee

Exclusive FFL Trust – FFL License & Class 3 (SOT) Guides

  • No. 1 selling and most all-inclusive and extensive FFL kit
  • More than 100,000 happy customers
  • Member’s-only forums that increases knowledge transfer and networking opportunities
  • Access to live chat with different owners during day
  • Recently-backed by firearms industry leaders
  • Works in every zip code in America with2016 updates
  • A simple five-step process, tested and confirmed!
  • 300 percent money-back guarantee A+ rating
  • Covers “Off-Site” storage legal loopholes
  • Developed by a team of more than 25 FFL holders
  • Overcomes key reasons roadblocks for home FFL denial
  • Covers local, state, and federal requirements
  • Covers new ATF pre-work requirements
  • Access to FFL Trust’s team
  • Includes a one-of-a-kind ATF interview preparation mega guide (more than 20,000 words)
  • Provides solutions for your manufacturers and distributors account setup
  • Trade references that can be requested after approval of your FFL application
  • Sophisticated member’s-only site
  • Examines all eight FFL License types
  • Produce/purchase/sell SBRs, machine guns, silencers
  • Produce/purchase/sell machine gun dealer samples
  • Upgrades your FFL icense
  • Learn how to get into Class 3 weapons
  • Better margins, fastest growing sector
  • Works in California and other typically class 3 unfriendly states
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  • Additional information on various subjects you may need written
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