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  • FFL License Guide - Updated for 2021
  • Class 3 Guide - Updated for 2021
  • Both Guides - Updated for 2021

FFL Guide - 300% Success Guaranteed

Federal Fire License Guide Available from Only

  • We walk you through each and every step of FFL License Approval process.
  • Easy to follow instructions. Our Guide Only
  • Local issues included & solved (the top reason for failure). Our Guide Only
  • Complete access to all must-have required forms for the FFL Application process.
  • Sample application, showing exactly what needs to go on application. Our Guide Only
  • ATF Visit Preparation Guide MEGA Reference (20,000 words +) .Our Guide Only
  • Examined all NINE FFL License types for you to decide which one you want. Our Guide Only
  • Final checklists to ensure you submit the right items to ATF for processing and avoid errors.
  • CA, NY, & NJ FFL Necessary Paperwork! (Even Home FFL in Mass.) Our Guide Only
  • All regulations on both a state & federal laws governing firearms! Our Guide Only
  • Acquisitions & Dispositions (A&D) template in Excel approved by ATF! Our Guide Only
  • Detailed Guide to successfuly completing Form 4473 for all transactions. Our Guide Only
  • Every handout & brochure the ATF requires for new FFL license holders. Our Guide Only
  • Exclusive access to member’s only website & member’s forum (100,000+ members). Our Guide Only
  • Detailed list of EVERY licensed FFL Dealer in the Country. Our Guide Only
  • Exclusive Sample A&D log to see how to accurately document every type of transaction. Our Guide Only
  • Background info on NICS & guns shows for FFL dealers.
  • Detailed Guidance on how to complete day to day forms for your business operations.
  • Wholesalers & manufacturers “How To Establish Accounts” best prices & selection. Guide Only
  • Additional Bonus List of over 30,000 manufactures and wholesalers. Our Guide Only
  • Prepare you for ATF Inspections & help you Remain in compliance. Our Guide Only
  • Proprietary Software to manage firearms collection. ($299 value)
  • Updated Daily!
  • 300% Money Back Guarantee

Exclusive FFL Trust – Class 3 (SOT)Guide

Available from Only

  • Unmask the complexity by personal guidance from the Nation’s Largest Class 3 Consultancy! Our Guide Only
  • Start mastering where better margins lie in the market for Class 3 weapons! Our Guide Only
  • Learn how to obtain and complete dealer demo machine gun samples Our Guide Only
  • Join one of the hottest and fastest growing firearms' sector in our nation! Our Guide Only
  • Be in contact with Class 3 experts, FFL Trust Our Guide Only
  • Learn what to anticipate during application process and get know-how from our recent experience! Our Guide Only
  • Step by step guide that clearly explains illustrates every detail on the dealer application process! Our Guide Only
  • All forms needed in friendly downloadable format! Our Guide Only
  • National Firearms Act (NFA) contact numbers of specific people in WV for questions that always come up! Our Guide Only
  • Highlight all NFA laws within federal references, including insights from our ATF inspection visit! Our Guide Only
  • Forms for future transfers, and information regarding how the transfers actually take place! Our Guide Only
  • All Federal & State references that you need to reassess! Our Guide Only
  • Authorizations forms for fax communications with ATF! Our Guide Only
  • Access to a member’s only website in a coherent and user friendly format Our Guide Only
  • Exclusive Proprietary Acquisitions & Dispositions log! Our Guide Only
  • 300% Money Back Guarantee Our Guide Only

Exclusive FFL Trust – FFL License & Class 3 (SOT) Guides

Available from Only

  • #1 Selling & Most All-Inclusive & Extensive FFL Kit
  • Over 100,000 Happy Customers
  • Member's only Forums that increases knowledge transfer and networking opportunities Our Guide Only
  • Access to live chat with different owners during day Our Guide Only
  • Recently backed by Firearms Industry Leaders Our Guide Only
  • Works in Every Zip Code in America - 2021 Updates Our Guide Only
  • A simple Five Step Process - Tested & Confirmed!
  • 300% Money Back Guarantee – Risk Free Our Guide Only
  • A+ Rating Our Guide Only
  • Covers "Off Site" storage legal loopholes Our Guide Only
  • Developed by by a team of over 25 FFL holders Our Guide Only
  • Overcomes key reasons roadblocks for home FFL denial Our Guide Only
  • Covers local, state, & Federal requirements Our Guide Only
  • Covers new ATF Prework Requirements Our Guide Only
  • Access to FFL Trust's Team Our Guide Only
  • Includes a one-of-a-kind ATF interview preparation MEGA guide (20,000 words +) Our Guide Only
  • Provides solutions for your Manufacturers & Distributors account setup Our Guide Only
  • Trade References - requested after approval of your FFL application Our Guide Only
  • Sophisticated Member's Only Site Our Guide Only
  • Examines all eight FFL License types Our Guide Only
  • Produce / Purchase / Sell SBR's, machine guns, silencers Our Guide Only
  • Produce / Purchase / Sell machine-gun dealer samples Our Guide Only
  • Upgrades your FFL License Our Guide Only
  • Learn how to get into Class 3 weapons Our Guide Only
  • Better margins, fastest growing sector Our Guide Only
  • Works in CA and other class 3 unfriendly states Our Guide Only
Benefits Included With All Our Guides
We deliver more than just a Guide
  • High quality FFL guides written for non-lawyers
  • Thoroughly researched information
  • Business resources for setting up
  • More than 300 pages of material and resources
  • Additional information on various subjects you may need written
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Exclusive access to our Forum

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