Securing a Federal Firearms License is a potentially difficult process and that’s why you should rethink doing it all on your own. It is actually recommended that you seek professional and expert guidance on how to sail through all the required steps of application. If you don’t know how to get a class 3 license in Michigan, then this information will be of great help.

Requirements to FFL Michigan holders

For an application for the FFL to go through, these requirements MUST be met (According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives):

You must be 21 years of age or over

You must not have willingly gone against the Gun Control Act or any of its regulations

You must not withhold information or given false details concerning any information required during application

You must also prove that the business under which the license will be operated is legal, is able to comply with state and local law requirements, and that there exists secure gun storage and safety devices for use under the license.

You should not, at the time of applying for the FFL, be prohibited from dealing with firearms in any way.

The reasons for getting an FFL license

Regardless of how challenging it is, these are some of the encouraging reasons why you should go ahead and get professional guidance in securing an FFL.

You can start a business where you sell firearms.

You can have your own collection of classics

Owning a firearm makes you feel safe at home or in your business

Now you will be able to join the shot show

How Do You Get Started?

The fact that Michigan doesn’t have specific FFL issuance laws makes obtaining one a complicated process to go through on your own. First, you’ll need to get a Michigan Sales Tax and Business Tax License. Your physical location should also be within Michigan. Once Form 7 has been mailed to your address, you will be required to fill it and mail it back alongside other additional support documents. Make sure you provide true and accurate information about yourself because a thorough background check will be run just to clarify everything. We have helped thousands of others like you get a Michigan FFL so don’t feel hopeless. We are here to help.