If you are thinking of going into the firearms business, you will need to get a Federal Firearms License (FFL). The reason is not far-fetched:

without an FFL, you are not legally permitted to sell, manufacture, or import firearms, of any kind, in the United States.

To obtain Idaho FFL, for instance, you have to apply through the ATF field office in Boise. However, most people in the state see the process as too complicated. But, as experts in the field, we have prepared a self-explanatory guide with simple steps to assist applicants.

Why You Need Our Guid

There are different kinds of FFL and you need to understand each in order to make a wise decision in choosing the best for your business. We have made the efforts to explain the benefits of each license type. Customers will also get to know the correct type for their business needs.

Again, the guide answers some pertinent questions regarding Federal, State, Local laws that could impact your application.

Honestly, the guide will enrich your application and make it cost-effective by preparing you for potential obstacles you might encounter that could drain your purse.

Who Can Get an FFL in Idaho?

Before applying for an FFL in Idaho, you need to check that you meet all requirements. The following eligibility criteria are particularly important:

You are above 21 years of age.

You have never renounced your American citizenship.

You are resident in Idaho.

You have not broken any federal firearms regulation.

You have never been convicted for a crime which required more than 12 months of imprisonment.

You are not a drug addict.

You do not have mental health issues.

You have not faced dishonorable discharge from the Army or the other Armed Forces.

9 Simple Steps to Obtain Your Idaho FFL

    Step 1:

Go to the ATF website and download the required application form called ATF Form 7.

    Step 2:

Together with your passport photograph and a fingerprinted card (obtained from the FBI through the local police department), mail the completed form with the application fee to the address displayed on it.
Note: The license fee ranges between $30 and $3,000 depending on the type you want for your business. It is renewable every 3 years and you will easily offset the cost from your firearms sale profits or even from the transfer fee charges.

    Step 3:

The Federal Firearm Licensing Center (or FFLC) will record your application and review the form.

    Step 4:

The FFLC will then conduct a background check to verify your information.

    Step 5:

The new application will then be sent to the ATF field office in Boise.

    Step 6:

At the ATF field office, one Industry Operations Investigator or IOI will contact you for a face-to-face interview and inspection.

    Step 7:

The IOI will then draft a report and make necessary recommendation on your application.

    Step 8:

The area supervisor will review the report and then submit his/her own recommendation to the FFLC for approval.

    Step 9:

If your business complies with Federal, State, and Local regulations, the FFLC will subsequently issue you the FFL.

Note: The application normally takes between 60 to 80 days from the time your application gets to the FFLC.

From the foregoing, it is clear that the process is not so complex as some people have made it to be. For a more detailed step-by-step guide, endeavor to obtain our guide as provided in the link below.