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Women and Firearms: Interest is on the Rise

Women & Firearms

Women have been a considerable part of the firearms community for some time now and it is certainly no secret. In the last couple of years, there has been a considerable growth and the number of women in the firearms community has started to rise! Women are finding more interest in target shooting, training, and hunting. In fact, a Fox News article indicates that women hunters are up 25 percent from 2006 to 2011. This is obviously great news for FFL dealers and those considering applying for their FFL license. The interest of women towards firearms is clearly setting up a whole new market for gun dealers.

Companies are popping up more frequently that are dedicated to creating lines of holsters designed especially for women’s bodies because, clearly, specific men’s holsters don’t always get the job done. Another example is the fact that many models of firearms are coming out in various shades of pink and purple. Gun cases, ear protection, eye protection and other accessories are also available in feminine color schemes. Blogs by women shooters for women shooters share tips and tricks for shooting, carrying, and firearms, in general. Ranges are having certain days of the week set up especially for ladies, and training courses are becoming available across the country which are designed intentionally just for lady shooters. Everything that was once mainly designed for men is now being revamped for women.

Personally, we consider it awesome that the firearms industry is continuously becoming more accessible to the female audience throughout our nation. It’s a situation that is clearly beneficial to all. Another thing we’ve noticed here at is that more husband and wife pairs or even just women on their own are obtaining their federal firearms license and starting their own firearms business. It’s exciting to get great feedback such as the success stories from all kinds of locations that individuals, regardless of gender, are experiencing great results with after becoming FFL holders.

The firearms industry is most certainly no longer a domain made for men! Women are joining in full force. There are many reasons as to why—the joy of hunting, self-protection, or just enjoying the shooting industry as a whole. No matter what the reason is, we’re convinced it’s happening. We’re interested to know what you’ve been experiencing in your area or region when it comes to women and firearms. Are there more women at your local range? Have you experienced more of your female family members, friends, or co-workers starting to have an interest in firearms in general or in any activities related to them? Or maybe you yourself are a lady and an active, engaged member of the shooting community. If so, how did you start becoming interested in these activities? Leave your comments below and share your experience with your fellow Americans and us!

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