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Why are Class 3 Weapons so Popular Lately?

Class 3 Weapons so Popular?

You may have seen recently that there is a enhancement in popularity of NFA Class 3 weapons (this means silencers, short barreled rifles, and so on). The ATF approval wait times has increased in the last couple of years from a few weeks to nearly 6 months. But what is reason? Well, it’s not easy to find the exact reasons, and they surely depend and vary significantly from region to region throughout the country. After considerable brainstorming here at, we’ve actually come up with our own list of why we think NFA firearms have taken off.

1) The ATF tax is no longer as restraining as it once was. When the NFA (National Firearms Act) was drafted in 1934, the ATF wanted to hinder citizens from buying firearms, because they were considered to be associated with gang crime at that time. Consequently, a $200 tax was imposed for every single transfer of an item performed that was listed under the NFA. This amount of money was roughly equivalent to 6 months’ salary back then. Nevertheless, the ATF has not changed this lump sum ever since 1934, even though nowadays $200 is closer to being a few days’ worth of work rather than a few months.

2) People are starting to understand and find out that firearms are, in fact, legal! After silencers, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, and several other firearms were listed in the NFA, many people started supposing they were illegal. At gun shows, people will come up to booths and be stupefied at the fact that owning a silencer is legal at all! But, contrary to popular belief, silencers (and the other NFA firearms) have never been literally illegal at all. Like any other firearm, there can be illegal possession of such a weapon, but the weapons themselves, when attained through the right means are not illegal. Several big silencer manufacturers have even begun their own campaigns to inform the public of the lawfulness of being the owner of a NFA item.

3) Many states are allowing silencers for hunting. As silencers gain more legal uses, the demographic for customer’s raise. Where once the appeal may have only been to target shooters, once a state allows silencers for hunting, the adequate customers targeted by marketing basically can nowadays address every hunter (certainly aged 21 or older, I might add).

4) Individuals are starting to see the advantages of silencers. As technology has developed, silencers have gradually become even more effective. This means their advantages are multifaceted. Silencers being manufactured nowadays are scoring well below the OSHA hearing safe threshold for impulse noises, which is 140 dB. (Some silencers in higher calibers from some manufacturers may still be reaching the 150 dB thresholds. Don’t want to be way too generic with this statement.)  And if the silencers are now in the hearing safe range, shooters mustn’t wear hearing protection. (Safety note: Prolonged exposure to loud noises is going to be damaging to your hearing. So although I say you don’t need hearing protection, if you’re going out for a full day of a lot of shooting, it’s advisable to still wear some form of hearing protection). With all of those side notes out of the way, we can start finding out what the advantages really are. Target shooters can train more efficiently. Without having to constantly having to worry about putting on and taking back off the hearing protection, shooters can even indulge having conversations while getting their training sessions. Instructors don’t have to worry about students missing something they say because someone left their earplugs in, and students don’t have to ask the instructor to repeat something over and over again because they didn’t catch it because they didn’t remove their hearing protection. Silencers make hunting more effective. In Montana, for example, many hunters like to camp out by prairie dog towns to shoot them as they are considered pests in that area, much like feral hogs in the Texas area. Hunters can get off more shots with a silencer as the noise reduction confuses the animals, and they are not sure whether to run or not and what the right direction for running would be. This is demonstrated clearly in videos of coyote hunts with suppressed rifles. Hunters can call in several coyotes and take them down back to back. The final advantage I feel like mentioning is not disturbing the neighbors with the continuous noise. For those who are fortunate enough to have space to shoot in their back yard, a suppressor is a great addition for their hobby. The sound of an unsuppressed gunshot can carry across the countryside. By putting a silencer on your gun, you’ll be keeping everything nice and quite for your entire neighborhood.

Are NFA firearms popular in your area? Is the reason one of the same ones we’ve listed here for your consideration? Are there different driving forces behind the interest as far as you consider? Maybe you should also think about getting your SOT (special occupational tax) and begin selling silencers in your area! For more information on how to ensure you get it right the first time Join Today!  Thanks, FFL Trust

Disclaimer: Only 39 states currently are agreeing to minimize noise pollution. If you live in a state that doesn’t permit it’s resident to own NFA weapons and are upset about it, get in touch with your state government today!  Often state law affect non-dealers, regular citizens.  If you have a Class 3 license, you are often in the clear from state laws, but it’s always best to double-check with your local ATF

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