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Firearms transfer?

What is a Firearms transfer?

One of the terms in the firearm industry that tends to get taken for granted easily is this one. In relation to it is also is one of the questions most frequently asked by our customers. A transfer, to keep it simple, is basically the physical hand-over of a firearm. For a FFL dealer, it means that your client fills out the ATF Form 4473 you perform the NICS background check and as soon as you get the  “green light” response, you can supply your customer the firearm. Also, this is what the ATF means when they inquire how many transfers you’ve completed.

The operation of completing a transfer is something that many FFL dealers build their business model off of because it is a useful feature related to today’s market. For example, many people buy firearms from GunBroker, an online gun auction website. When a purchase happens, the vendor is not allowed to simply ship the firearm straight to the client. The item has to be shipped to a FFL dealer in the state where that the buyer is a resident of. If you promote your services as an FFL dealer who is willing to complete transfers, GunBroker members in your area may get in touch with you soliciting your assistance in this particular transfer process. Usually a small fee between $15-$30 is charged for this service. You provide a service while aiding people in your area!

Transfers can only happen in one of the two locations and this is quite a relevant aspect that should be kept in mind related to this type of service. The first location is your licensed business premises, such as the physical address that is listed on your FFL. The other location is a gun show that the ATF considers to be an extension of your license.

Transfers performed by a FFL dealer are a relevant component of the firearms business. This way of handling transfers is one of the activities that prevent criminals’ from getting their hands on firearms and the streets of America safe. Join Today!

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