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Universal Firearms Background Check- A Closer Look

The National Shoot Sports Foundation and McKeon & Associates published a study reaching the conclusion that fewer Americans think that universal background checks are required at gun shows than it was originally stated. The report written by the NSSF goes on to point out the sharp comparison between their discoveries and what the media reported in the past. The McKeon study showed that 40 percent of the American citizens questioned within the survey agree that universal gun show background checks are required versus the 90 percent that has been used commonly by different media sources.

What is the reason for this large discrepancy, you will ask? Awareness seems to be the issue here. The citizens that participated in the survey, were informed that the sellers at the gun shows, are all licensed and periodically checked by the NICS. This information made citizens view the topic from a different perspective. Of course it is fairly easy for anybody to agree to thorough background checks, if the only information you have is: “criminals are walking into gun shows and just buying guns. Universal background checks are necessary to prevent that.” Of course it sounds like the sane thing to do.

Only if a situation is presented properly in front of the viewers eyes, he can alter his perspective. It is common sense that the firearms presented and sold in a gun show are dealt by a licensed individual or weapon dealer. This is so, because wholesalers and fabricators won’t sell anything to non-licensed parties. In such, a FFL license is mandatory in order to have an inventory for sell at a gun show. It’s much easier for show patrons to pick sellers that have a wider variety of products for sell than individuals with few pieces on display. In such, logically, all sold items will belong to an individual or company that has passed that background check.

Another topic that was included in the above-mentioned survey, was regarding the current modus operandi of the NICS. The survey indicated that American citizens insist on carrying out the background check by involving an exhaustive and thorough database. Surely we can agree, that such a background check is futile if not compared to any potentially incriminating or constraining records.

The background checks will probably be an on going debate subject for 2016. What’s your opinion regarding background checks? We’d like you to share it with us. Do you believe they are crucial? Should they be mandatory for transfers between friends or family members? Do you believe they should be mandatory for all gun shows? Your opinion matters, so please share it with us! And don’t forget if you’re interested in having your own FFL license, join FFL today!

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