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FFL License – Types of Firearms Sales

FFL License – Types of Firearms Sales

You’ve probably noticed us mentioning one key benefit that originates directly from being a FFL holder, and that is being able to make some extra money on the side. Even though you might believe this only happens if you’re the owner of your very own large firearms store, this is simply not true. You’re probably going to apply for a home-based FFL license initially and, as such, such nobody is expecting you to start-up with a large firearm store from day one. This is the reason why we’re going to provide you with some information on the opportunities available to you when you make use of your FFL license when you’re seeking to develop a supplementary stream of income.

Firstly, you could try to start on the retail sales route. Gun shows, for one, are the simplest way to get these kinds of sales. You may get in touch with whoever is in charge of your local gun show, rent a couple of tables, and get your own display set up. In case your display only includes a couple of firearms, you can consider taking orders for firearms. Another retail sales possibility is agreeing to take orders over the phone or via e-mail. Many members are already working full or part time in combining their usual job with a sort of small side business with their FFL license. Using a message system to take orders is a good way to stay in touch with customers without disturbing any other workflow.

Along with retail sales, you can consider Internet sales as well. This internet-based marketplace is growing exponentially and will continue to develop into a strategic necessity for those seeking to gain a strategic advantage.  It’s one of the easiest ways to get the word out there that you’re, in fact, selling something. If you decide to have accessories that you will sell along with your firearms, you can simply get an order and directly send it to your new customer. When shipping firearms to your customers, you’ll first have to work a bit with your customer to find another FFL licensee in the customer’s area. That FFL dealer is the one you’re allowed to ship your item to. That FFL dealer will then finish the transfer of the firearm to the customer. There are a number of companies who make easy-to-use website formats, so developing your own website definitely doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to have a lot of experience using computers in order to get set up in the first place.

But you can also you be on the receiving end of online internet sales. Because of the increasing popularity of online internet sales, a FFL licensee must be able to complete the firearms transaction after the Internet sale is made. You can suggest your services as a FFL licensee and run the background check for those in your area who have bought a firearm online. In the firearms industry, custom rates for this FFL holder service is around $30.00. This is probably—literally—the easiest way of making some extra money after becoming a FFL license holder.

You are definitely not obligated to have a storefront in order to make extra money after becoming a FFL license holder. Do you want more information on how to make a nice side income and how to get your own FFL license, Join today!

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