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TSA Confiscates Toy Gun

TSA Confiscates Toy Gun – What Next?

One of the major tragedies in our nation’s recent history are the events on September 11. The attack on the nation’s security has had many consequences, amongst which a review on airport security regulations. The changes made, are crucial in order to keep both people and flights safe. Nonetheless, if you put rigid TSA regulation and enhanced talk of gun restriction in one blender, the result can be quite engaging!

Some days ago, a lady travelling with sock monkey knitting kit, was stopped by the TSA. One of the prop for one of them was confiscated by the TSA. The prop, a True Grit, John Wayne look a like, was holding a small six-shooter and was seized by the TSA agent because, even though it wasn’t real – it was still looking like a gun. Eventually, only the six shooter was confiscated and the lady was allowed to board the plane with the monkey.

Surely, we all want to be safe while travelling and are thankful for the attention that the airline security agents put into their duty. Nonetheless, there must be a line standing between personal security and irrationality. In order to legitimize his action, the named TSA agent stated that he confiscated the toy gun, because if the toy were pointed at someone’s neck, the person couldn’t tell if it was real or not..(Click here for picture of the prop). If the line of what’s considered safe and what isn’t is stretched that far, we might be heading down a two-faced path. Some people may assert that by seeing a threat in a toy, we already are on this two-faced path.  The negative undertone, the word “gun” implies nowadays, also due to the anti-gun political discourse, has people panicking on the spot. Even if there is no actual peril present.

In order to ensure the safety of passengers and flights it is important to take extra measures (such us being prevented from bringing firearms or bombs onto airplanes). Still it is quite important to keep these measures as being part of reality. However, pointing out that every similar looking object or any object positioned like a firearm can be threatening will have the exact opposite effect than proper information or awareness raising would – leading to utter anxiety in the general public. Obviously the TSA is performing a highly relevant task and the general public must have confidence that the TSA ground agents are enhancing their efforts onto weighing efforts of keeping the airlines secure.

Now, if you are a constant flyer, you’ve probably experience some interaction with the TSA, no matter if the reason was your luggage or the persons in front of you. If you’ve experienced some extra agitation due to more rigid, post-9/11 regulations, please share them with us. Whether it’s a situation in which the TSA were proficient at their job or one that stroke you as being a little bit ridiculous (such as a sock monkey’s toy firearm!) we’d love to hear about it! Please share your story in the comments section!


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