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Silencer Transfers : What’s the Time-frame?

Silencer Transfers

A great number of our customers from are always keen on understanding how long the actual wait time for silencers is. It’s a quite relevant question for most people considering the fact that in most cases people consider that the sooner the better. This is the advice we commonly give our clients: get used to asking questions! Try asking other customers about what their experience is, how long have they have been waiting for or how long they have waited (in case they’ve already received their approval). Get started on checking forums out so you can find out what people across the country are experiencing- if times are slowing down or speeding up and in what locations these trends are occurring. Make sure to ask your Class 3 dealer what wait times they’ve experienced. In case you are a dealer, make sure to be attentive to how long it takes from the mailing date to the stamp date of the approval. This is the only way you can have a correct answer for your customers.

Wait times also depend on the kind of transfer we are discussing. Commonly two main forms are being used for the transfers of silencers. One of them is a ATF Form 3, that is used to transfer a silencer from a Class 3 dealer (or wholesaler or manufacturer) to another Class 3 dealer. The second is a Form 4, which is the transfer from a Class 3 dealer to a non-licensee (or vice versa). As you would expect, the Form 3 transfer is completed in a much shorter time period than the other Form 4. (A Form 3 is a tax-free transfer as that requirements fee for the license covers). As such, it is relevant to think about whether trying to attain your Class 3 license would be beneficial for your situation.

Ultimately, we hope to notice this situation changing. We’ve experienced wait times go through different kinds of time spans. Some while back both types of transfers could be accomplished in matter of days! The ever-growing interest in silencers has definitely brought its effect on the wait time as the volume of transfer forms at the ATF’s NFA Branch has escalated. If you have a bit of time on your hands make sure to contact your elected state officials and bid them to suggest changes to increase the staff at the NFA Branch. For them to serve your best interests is basically why you’ve elected them isn’t it? And surely, in case you wish to become a Class 3 dealer, Join today!

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