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FFL Benefits : Why people are rushing to get a FFL

What are the benefits of a FFL License?

So you’re wondering about getting your federal firearms license. You are probably wondering what the advantages of being a FFL license holder might actually be. Here are some of the advantages you may or may not have considered already:

Firstly, you get to save a lot of money on firearms and accessories. There is a markup of roughly 30 percent off for firearms. So basically when you place an order from a wholesaler after being a brand new FFL holder, you’ll be saving 30 percent of every single item! Just so you can get an idea: a brand new Glock 17 is commonly sold for about $500. However when you buy it through a wholesaler after you have your own FFL license, you’ll only pay $350!

Assist your friends and family save money on their purchases as well. Your savings may be passed onto your friends and family. You can also give them quite a large discount. It is great to be able to aid your family and friends isn’t it?

Certainly the reason you’ll want to be a FFL holder in the first place is so you can actually make some money. You can sell the firearms and accessories you’ve acquired at their full retail to earn some money. This will aid your try of covering the price of the license and fill up your wallet at the same time! The price of the license is $150 and it covers a three years fee. By simply selling a single one of the Glocks I have mentioned before during your first three years of being a FFL holder, and the entire cost of your license will be is covered! Another way you can earn revenue after being a FFL holder is help others by offering your services to do transfers. (See our blog titled “What is a transfer?” and find out more details on transfers.)

As a FFL holder you are also in the right position to have access to the good stuff. The law has been changed a lot in several states recently. Most of those laws absolve FFL dealers from their binds. As an example you can’t resale to in state residents any of the restricted items, but you are allowed to own and sell these particular items online! Make sure to double-check this with local officials though so you can have a confirmation.

Adaptability. Have you always been looking for a perfect firearm and have found it now? Get your FFL license, set up your wholesaler accounts, and search their websites for the exact items you’ve always been looking for!

With all of these advantages, there is no way to go wrong. There’s no need to waste another day? Get your FFL license today and start begin saving money today! Join Today!

There is another detail you should be aware of: the ATF will not approve you application for an FFL license in case you wish to us your license only for 100% personal usage only. This means that you must agree to assist others with transfers and such, etc. And there is something you can trust me on: once you are a FFL license holder, your popularity will grow instantly!
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