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Schools Arming Teachers

Arming Teachers

Many changes have been suggested and carried out related to gun control on national, state and local levels since the tragedy that occurred in New Town, Connecticut. Especially one place that has been modifying its policies on firearms is our nation’s schools. Certain schools have gone so far as to permit some teachers to hide and carry firearms while being on the school’s premises.

According to a recent article from USA Today, the most recent school to allow teachers to carry handguns is in Briggsdale, CO. This article states that 4 out of the 18 teachers will be carrying firearms on school grounds but they will also be given training prior to being permitted to carry the firearms onto school property. The teachers will be asked to upkeep their firearm training and have medical training completed as well.

As you might expect, there are quite mixed reviews hanging around abut the topic and also about whether it’s a clever idea to have teachers that carry firearms around a school filled with children. Surely, on one hand you might be able to debate that having firearms around children might lead to a misfortune possibly ending in death or other unfortunate predicament. Still, I believe it’s rather more relevant to take a look at a bigger picture when weighing out the pros and cons of permitting teachers to carry firearms.

A large number of schools in rural areas for instance are not able to receive quick emergency feedback. The school that is mentioned in the USA Today article is, in fact, a 20-minute drive away from the closest police station. These 20-minutes can possibly, given the circumstances, represent the difference between many lives and deaths. A trained and armed teacher, or administrator as a matter of fact, could at a minimum intervention level, keep an intruder or other gunman at gunpoint until police can arrive to the scene. Cleary nobody would expect a teacher to have to fire their gun. What a teacher could do however is simply be able to gain control over the situation until emergency services arrived to the scene and can handle it accordingly.

Another viable solution that has been talked about is to simply have a security guard. A lot of the time, school no matter where they are situated, if it’s in a rural or urban location, cannot afford to have a full-time employed, armed security guard. School budgets happen to be quite a hot topic in public school forums, and it might prove not to be the most effective or feasible alternative to hire a security guard by cutting funding from other areas.

The main focus when looking at the possibility of arming teachers is to remember that the training is the most important aspect. No one should handle a firearm without first properly learning how it works and what the correct firearm safety measures are. This is especially important for anyone handling a firearm in defensive situations. In a similar way in which police officers are expected to train and be knowledgeable about their service weapon, it would be just as important for any teachers that could be carrying a concealed pistol to also be proficient when it comes down to using their firearm. The school in Briggsdale, CO will specifically solicit that the teachers who will carry and conceal; first fill specific requirements at a authorized shooting range in order to be able to continue carrying a concealed firearm on school grounds. We can’t help but agree with this conduct and incline into believing that it would be an excellent policy to instate for any school to permit teachers to carry.

Fearing our kids’ safety in a place where they should feel secure is definitely an issue we should take seriously. Arming teachers may not be regarded as the optimal solution for this issue, especially when the problem is as complex as anyone feeling the need to harm other human beings. It is a precaution action though that could aid saving lives from an armed intruder.

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