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FFL License – Scanned or Emailed Copies

FFL License – Scanned or Emailed Copies

I’m sure as soon as you receive your FFL license in the mail, you’ll want to start using it right away. However, there are a couple of steps you should consider in order to get this ball rolling.

The ATF regulations assert that when one licensee is placing an order for a firearm to another licensee, the one handling the transfer must first check that the transferee is in fact the owner of a valid FFL license before getting to the actual firearm delivery. This means that the transferee submits the vendor with a copy of their FFL license no matter by what means the vendor might consider being necessary. According to the ATF ruling 27 CFR 478.95, licensees are permitted to make copies of their license that will be used for transactions with another licensee. A copy of the license is an adequate form, compared to using an original copy of the FFL license.

Furthermore, the license itself asserts that it must include an original signature. However, this does not imply hand signing each and every single copy of your license. The ATF has determined that as long as a individual whose signature appears on a copy has intended it as an original signature, it is considered authentic, although it might be done by hand in pen, stamped, or auto-penned.

Given the situation in which you must get a copy of your license to other licensees, such as wholesalers or another licensee to whom you are transferring a firearm, the ATF has accepted different types of avenues for the delivery. Sending via fax or attaching a copy to an email is also an accepted alternative. In case you wish to make use of this particular option, please consider the clarity and legibility of your scanned. Name, address, the FFL license number and expiration date are important facts and they should be easily readable by the recipient. Please bear in mind that a unclear or poorly presented license can cause the recipient to question the eligibility of your license. Other than that it’s also mannerly to send a clear copy of your FFL license.

You yourself might find yourself in the situation of receiving a copy of a FFL license that seems to look weird – having different typefaces, crooked address lines or simply a difficult to read license number – you are capable of checking the eligibility of the license via the ATF’s FFL eZ Check website.  What you need to do, is simply need to enter the FFL number in question, and it will tell you if the license is active or not. The ATF does not specifically solicits you to use the system; it is however a simple accessible method of checking. We strongly recommend checking all FFL copies you might receive before considering transferring a firearm to a client.

The moment your FFL license arrives in your mailbox, it is a unbelievable and thrilling moment! It means the beginning of a completely new adventure for you.

Join to join the ranks of FFL holders across the nation today!

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