Your Guide to Obtain a gun trader’s license in 2021

A gun trader’s license, officially called a Federal Firearms License (FFL), is controlled on the central level by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). To obtain a gun trader’s license, you should fill out and submit a Certificate of Compliance and an FFL application to the ATF. You should also study the rules in your area to decide which other prerequisites are required. Some states might need you to complete a firearms safety program prior to you can sell firearms or guns in your county, or get one more gun trader’s license for the state. Continue studying to know how you can obtain a gun trader’s license from the ATF and how you can satisfy any other prerequisites as requested by your state.
Get the FFL application as well as Certificate of Compliance. You can either get the forms by getting in touch with an ATF office in your area or print the forms from the ATF internet site.
·         Visit the ATF internet site provided in the Sources portion of this article, after that click on “ATF F 5310.12 (Form 7)” from the column on the right. You will be on a webpage that shows directions for filling out the application.

·         Click again on the linkage which reads “ATF F 5310.12 (Form 7)” on the right to read the application. After that you can print the application.
·         Coming back to the directions page, click on the linkage for “ATF F 5330.20.” This linkage will show the Certificate of Compliance, which you can also print directly.
·         Request the ATF headquarters office at 1-800-800-3855 to find your area’s field office from which to get the forms if you don’t have Internet access.

Get 2 copies of thumbprint identification cards. These cards may be obtained from your local law enforcement office or area police station.

·         Visit the closest police station in your region. You should carry a form of photograph identification to get the thumbprint cards. In some instances, your area police department might charge costs for the cards.
Get 2 pictures of yourself. The photos should clearly show your face and be no less than 2 inches (5.08 cm) in width and height.
Have application fees for the gun trader’s license. Application fees will differ depending on the kinds of arms you intend on selling. Fees can be paid by credit card, check or by money order.
·         Have 200 bucks if you intend on selling arms which fall into the non-destructive type, like handguns. Have 3000 bucks if you are planning to sell damaging devices which might include poison gas, missiles or explosives.
Fill out the gun trader’s license application form. You will have to enter any info concerning your gun trader business; like the business name and address and kinds of weapons you will be selling. You will also be urged for your private info and criminal history, if any.
Fill out the Certificate of Compliance form. This form will urge you for info concerning your nationality status as well as ask you to confirm that you abide by federal weapons rules.
Send your papers to the ATF. Your papers will comprise pictures of yourself, fingerprint cards, the Certificate of Compliance, the FFL application, and the fee.
·         Send your package or envelope to ATF’s main office at: ATF, Georgia, 30384-9567.
Be present at the interview with an ATF representative. After the ATF office accepts your paperwork, you will be communicated by an ATF representative for a meeting and a check of the business place from where you will be selling firearms or guns.
Get the gun trader’s license. After you have received the sanction of the ATF, they will deliver you the gun trader’s license within two months of receiving your initial paperwork.
To become a gun trader in your state study the rules. Based on where you live, you might be required to get other gun trader’s licenses along with your FFL.
·         Go to the Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV) internet site provided in the Sources part of this article. This internet site will let you to find the gun trader’s rules in your area.
·         Click on the state in which you live. You will then be carried to a complete explanation and description of the gun rules in your state.
·         Go down and click on the linkage for “Dealer Regulations.” You can study the complete info for any other gun licenses you should get or training programs you should complete as needed by your state.
·         Get in touch with your state or area’s Department of Public Safety to know about the gun trader rules in your area if you don’t have Internet access.