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Obama’s New Plan for Gun Control

Obama’s Gun Control

If something in your plans doesn’t work as expected, don’t give up hope on it. Apparently this is what Obama seems to be doing. His plans for a more rigid gun control fell through this year with his try of initiating the universal background checks on firearms sales among any other standards. Nevertheless, this hasn’t prevented him from finding other ways to clench gun control in the United States of America.

Obama actually named countries like the UK or Australia as case illustrations for our nation to follow. After the tragic events at the Washington Navy Yard, the President clearly indicated the measures taken by the UK and Australia in the gun control issue and publicly stated his opinion that this is the path to follow. The Executive of VP of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, portrayed in an article from November 15th, 2013, the preceeding events leading to the gun rights restriction in the UK and Australia. Both countries have been through, just like the U.S., tragic events, caused by “lone, criminally insane killers.” Nonetheless, the blame was passed on to the firearms and not their users. All the persons involved in these accidents, were mentally unstable – this fact is not being taken into consideration while pending on ways to handling the situation as a whole.

The illegal guns in Australia, according to the same article, are include semi-automatic rifles and semi-automatic shotguns along with pump shotguns. In the UK, many handguns and semi-automatic rifles are seen as trafficking items.  These are the kind of constraints Obama wants to impose on American citizens. What he wants is to take the guns of law-abiding citizens, by intrusively pushing gun control regulations. Nonetheless this action won’t solve the issue at hand, it will simply fix the symptoms. It is the same like taking migraine pills instead of figuring out that poor eyesight is the cause of the problem. The migraine pills can’t fix the poor eyesight. However fixing the poor vision will rend the pills futile.

Confiscating all firearms that meet the criterion of this category is still not the right way to do it even if the gun control measures were the right answer to the problem. Punitive reform for all because of the actions of one or few people is not only unreasonable but childish. What’s the right answer to this truly serious issue? Well, no solution will be perfect. But surely, there must be more appropriate ones than encompassing gun control. Even Australia and the UK are now going through a whole new package of problems since the enforcement of gun control. The article of LaPierre quotes a News Limited Network that explains the hardship of keeping guns out of the reach of criminals. This is the best way to prove that gun control isn’t going to cut it.

As previously stated, there is no perfect solution for firearm related deaths in the US. What is your opinion of Obama’s plan on following the UK’s and Australia’s pattern? The opinions and thoughts of many are going to be needed in order to define an appropriate solution to the gun related tragedies in the US.


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