Massachusetts FFL License

A Federal Firearms License is a license which enables a
company or a person to involve in business concerning manufacturing or
importing guns and intrastate sale of firearms or interstate and ammunition in
the United States.

Who can get a Federal Firearm License?

A federal firearms license is only approved if the
applicants are 21 years old or more. The applicant of FFL should not have
willingly violated any regulation of the Gun Control Act. They must have
premises for collecting or conducting businesses.
The applicant should not have
to willfully fail to present or made false statements about their application.
The applicant must certify that the company to be run using FFL permitted by
Massachusetts law.

Applicants must ensure that the business is not conducted until all the requirements of the state law
are met. The applicant must notify the chief law enforcement officer that they
are applying for the Federal firearms license in Massachusetts. The applicant
should not be prohibited from transporting, ammunition, receiving and
possessing firearms.

The procedure of getting a federal firearm license

Step one:

The applicant must meet federal firearms licensing
requirements which are listed above. Some people cannot get FFL such as an
illegal alien, has renounced their US citizenship, has been into mental
institutions and is subject to restraining orders.

Step two:

Choose the
federal firearms license type. In case you want to manufacture firearms you
require a type 7 FFL, and if you need to deal in gunsmith, you need type 1 FFL.

Step three:

You are required to take an online FFL license
course. When enrolling for the course, one should ensure that they are getting
advice from actual firearms attorney and receiving guidance from an industry
insider. Step four is to apply for Federal Firearm License. After ensuring that
you have met the requirements, chosen the right type of FFL and undergone an
FFL course then you can freely apply for the FFL.