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FFL – Making Changes

FFL – Making Changes

One of the issues that frequently come up with our customers and our potential customers is the location switching one. The reason why somebody moves may vary, whether they are in the military or just are forced to move by chance, still – the issue remains, and the question “what happens id I move” keep popping up.

But, in fact, this is no issue at all, because it has a rather simple solution. The guide will show you what to do if you need to change your license address respectively how to update your FFL address properly.  If you follow the instructions our team will supply you with, you’ll realize that you must simply update your FFL license address not start over with the application process. This concept applies no matter whether you wish will be moving to another home residence, your city or a completely different state. Plus, it’s the same procedure if you want to open a storefront location.

Another question that is frequently asked about is the change or addition of members or responsible parties to the FFL license. Just as before, Our CEO is clearly indicating what the process to fixing this is, in the guide. By following our recommendation you can prevent from having to needlessly applying for a different FFL license. The FFL guide will provide you with clues on how to decide who should be a responsible party on your FFL and also which persons can be considered an employee. A person who is considered an employee has some permission to deal with matters related to your FFL license.

There are some situations in which you may have to solicit a brand new FFL license, this however depends on the changes you’d like to make. One of the situations in which you must apply for a new FFL is if the ownership of the FFL changes. In this case the ATF will definitely want you to apply for a new license. For example, if you decide to make an adjustment from a single owner to a LLC, once you have already obtained your license, the ATF will observe that a new ownership has occurred. In this case the ATF will specifically demand you apply for a new Federal Firearms License.

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