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Make Extra Money with your FFL License

Make Extra Money FFL License

As soon as you are a certified FFL license holder, numerous opportunities to secure extra income will be open to you.  As a first thing you should know is that you can set up accounts directly with wholesalers and manufactures, which means you will have access to wholesaler rates. As we’ve mentioned already, the wholesaler rates are quite often about 30% lower than what you’re familiar with from common retail sales. Certainly, this is no rule per say and it might not be applicable as a general rule and you will soon discover that rates differ from one wholesaler to another.

Another benefit of is that you mustn’t be concerned about having to do a lot of shopping around. And one of the advantages of the guide is that the shopping has already been done for the members! We don’t just lineup the best weapons that wholesalers in the industry have to offer, but we also provide a notification service on who has got the best prices on certain items on sale. This way, you can boost your income (or reduce the cost of that firearms you’ve always wished).

Another way to help minimize cost is shopping around for the best shipping rates. There is quite a large variety of shipping companies, so the thing that makes most sense is finding out which company is the most suitable for you. Another aspect to consider is looking for any programs that you can join up with that minimize your cost or offer you a Loyalty or volume discount. For example we’ve found a way that saves 45% on firearm shipping, that as a result gave us quite the competitive advantage.

The best way to make and save money is to know exactly what you are doing. will allow you to advance with your FFL business with certainty.

Join to join the ranks of FFL holders across the nation today!

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