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FFL Inventory Coming Back in

FFL Inventory

 In the beginning of the year, it had become almost hopeless to find anything gun related because of the high demand and swift exhaustion in shops. Certain items remain difficult to be found, in particular ammo. We have decided to feature one of our wholesalers, Owen from Davidson’s, and ask him what his inventory related experience was, now that the year is almost over. Coming up: FFLTRUST and Owen one on on.

FFLTRUST: What are the producers up to? Are products going to be available and on stock soon?

OL: The availability of products is pretty tenacious. We see many great items walking through our doors.

FFLTRUST: Are dealer sales going well?

OL: It depends. Some a bit slow others are quite busy. Their own marketing involvement is also a factor. Big box store openings in the vicinity of my dealers, also influences business.

FFLTRUST: Which products are the most solicited by clients nowadays?

OL: Top sellers are handguns and home defense products. Affordable AR’s and hunting season equipment are also on the move.

FFLTRUST: What are your trend predictions?

OL: This is a good question….I don’t know, really. I suppose various types of hand guns, long guns and home defense items will be selling well for another while.. Plinking Ammo seems to be a rarity now. We could sell all the 22 LR, 223, 9MM, 38SP etc we get in the shop. I receive daily calls for affordable Ammo. I feel positive about 2014. There might still be some ups and downs but I believe it will be a good year.

It would appear the firearm industry is on a clear rebound path. The great news for wholesalers, dealers and clients is that inventory is well on its way to fill the empty store shelves. If you have any news on the inventory in your area, we’d love to hear all about it! What has arrived back in the inventories near you? What are the items that are hard to come by in your area? And don’t forget, if you feel ready to get your own FFL license,

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