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Internet FFL Firearms Sales

One of the best ways for selling firearms is the Internet. You have countless variables if an online selling platform is the way you’d like to go in developing your FFL license business.  Many FFL dealers who decide to use a storefront will make use of any marketing strategy that might work for local customers but will also put their inventory online to decidedly increase the publicity and capacity to sell more.

The easiest way to sell on the Internet is by setting up an account on Gun Broker. Using GunBroker means you won’t have to be setting up a website of your own. Selling on the Internet by organizing an auction website is beneficial because you can actually get better prices for the items you wish to sell, and the entire infrastructure is readily set up including the features related to completing sales and the money transfer. Another important feature is that you get feedback, which builds confidence for other Gun Broker users that will more likely be willing to buy items from your inventory.

In our guides at, we recommend our clients to sell a couple of firearms on this website to understand the process better and get some experience in online sales.  The only way to be able to run a marketplace is, by trying it out, learning from the experience and find the points that you can enhance to improve the process for potential customers.  Our owner, set up his e-Bay account in 1998 and this is where he started gathering experience and understanding how online sales and marketing auction websites work.

Another option you have is developing your own website. There is certainly more work implied when developing your own private website, but it may be worth your while if your aim is getting a large number of transfers going on and becoming a important player in the e-commerce environment. It might be a great idea getting yourself some know-how on what the best way is to run a website from the back end – that end that allows you to modify the website content by yourself. Luckily, there are many especially user – friendly platforms that beginners can opt for that make running a personal website real easy to use. Personally we recommend word press as a particularly user-friendly website platform.

There is one more aspect you must put some thinking into when you consider online sales, and this is shipping. First thing is first so you’d better check out shipping options available in your area. Check out the shipping companies you have, such as: FedEx, UPS, U.S. Postal Service, SpeeDee Delivery, etc. Also, remember to distinctly check if the shipping company is willing to receive firearms. However most of those companies, will, generally, ship firearms, it’s best to be certain the local office of the company will take them in. Of course, even shipping firearms is much easier once you have a FFL license compared to being a non-licensee. You should also make sure that you are shipping the firearm to another FFL license holder. Bear in mind, that only FFL license holders are allowed to receive firearms through the mail.  Amongst all the other useful information you will find in our guides we provide you with great opportunities on how you can save 50% on shipping costs. This deal alone will give you and your business a huge competitive advantage.  We also have offer concise sheets of each shipping business and their specific requisites’, etc.  Our aim is making it simpler for you and your business to flourish, even if for you it’s only a hobby!

The great thing about online sales is that they give you the possibility to literally develop your market.

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