How to get your Federal Firearms License

Regulations and laws on gun possession differ from state-to-state. Nevertheless, in case you make a livelihood from purchasing, selling or mending guns, as per federal law, you have to obtain a Federal Firearms License. Dealers, importers, manufacturers, pawnbrokers, and serious collectors of relics and curios who are in the guns business should all get a Federal Firearms License prior to opening a shop. There are stringent requirements for getting this license. See Step 1 below to establish whether you are entitled to get a Federal Firearms License and after that learn how to apply for it through the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Ensure that you meet the prerequisites. There are many important prerequisites to take into consideration before applying. You will have to meet all of the following eligibility requirements to get a federal firearms license:
·         You were not shamefully discharged from the Armed Forces.
·         You have never been committed to a mental institution.
·         If you use controlled substances, you should obtain them lawfully, and you should not be addicted to them.
·         You have never had a restraining order filed against you for harassment of a child, intimate partner, or spouse.
·         You have not been convicted of a crime that required captivity for over 1 year.
·         You have never ever broken any of the federal firearms laws, like selling or buying guns without correct licensure.
·         You are a resident in the state where you have an existing business location or intend to start your business.
·         You are not an illegal alien.
·         You have never relinquished your U.S. citizenship.
·         You are at least 21 years old.
Know what is purpose of the license. The Federal Firearms License doesn’t let you to carry a gun. It’s a business license and is not meant for private use. It doesn’t let you to run business that goes against state and local laws.
Know who does not require the form. If you only intend to sell guns at a gun show, you don’t require a federal license. If you are buying guns for a personal collection, you don’t require a federal license. If your company is non-profit, you don’t require a federal license. If you only sell ammo, you don’t require a license.
Make sure that your company meets local laws. Your license will be refused if your place of business cannot be proven or it does not conform to local regulations and laws. You should be able to lawfully sell guns from your listed address. The business can’t be a P.O. Box. You should make the lion’s share of your sales to non-family members.
Obtain the accurate forms. Obtain ATF Form 7 by getting in touch with your local ATF office or by telephoning the ATF Distribution Center at (202) 648-6420. ATF Form 7 is obtainable online at the ATF website. When the form is downloaded, it may be opened and completed on your computer, after that saved and/or printed. Applications and forms can be downloaded.
·         If you are accumulating and trading historic guns, you will require ATF Form 7CR.
Fill out your application. Ensure to fill it out fully and reveal all information demanded on the application. Don’t withhold any information or make any wrong declarations.
Get fingerprinted. You will require being fingerprinted by a regional law enforcement organization and incorporate them into your application. You will require the standard FBI fingerprint pro forma, FD-258.
Incorporate a photo. You are demanded to submit a passport-sized photo with your application. It should be taken from the front and you are not allowed to wear anything that covers up your head. The photo should have been taken within 6 months of sending the application. Write your full name on the rear of the photo.
·         Every individual listed on the application should include a photo and fingerprint sheet.
Send the applicable fee with your application. You can either pay with a credit/debit card or by check. The fee differs depending on what you intend to use the license for:
·         Dealers importers, and manufacturers of destructive devices – $3,000
·         Dealers and pawnbrokers of firearms – $200
·         Importers and manufacturers of firearms – $150
·         Manufacturers and collectors of ammunition – $30
Mail your packet. Send your fees, photograph, fingerprints, and completed application to the following address: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives, P.O. Box No. 409567, Atlanta, GA 30384-9567.
Submit a copy to your regional CLEO. After presenting your application to the ATF, you will have to present a copy to your regional Chief Law Enforcement Office (CLEO). This is usually the Sheriff or Chief of Police.
Get ready for a scrutiny. Before getting a license, you will most likely have to go through a physical checking of your business to make sure that it meets the standards of the ATF. It means that you will need to have correct records of all of your purchases and sales.
·         You can be scrutinized by an ATF officer at any time during your listed hours after you have a license.