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Cost of Federal Firearms License (FFL)

How Much Does an FFL Cost?

So you’re excited by the concept of become a federal firearms license holder. It is quite something having so many benefits- more affordable guns and ammo, delivering a service for family/friends/clients, making some extra money – but you have to consider the fact that you are dealing with the federal government, so it can’t be that cheap, right? Well, maybe you’ll have you’re doubts, but obtaining a FFL is actually pretty affordable! You can get a type 07 FFL for the very cheap sum of $150. You can’t believe your eyes, well, it gets better! Each FFL holder will pay this sum every three years! So, let’s go into the details of this. One hundred fifty dollars every three years basically means, your FFL license costs $50 a year. The standard mark up on a firearm is 30%. So if you sell a firearm with a retail price of $175, the cost of your license would be covered. Another thing you may do is running a couple of transfers for which FFL dealers charge a service fee of $15-$30. This means you’ll run two to three transfers, and you will be able to pay your fee.

Now, let’s talk about the Type 07 Federal Firearm License. The type 07 license permits his holder to manufacture firearms and ammo, acquire and purchase firearms and ammunition, transfer, assemble and repair firearms. This license offers a lot of action variation and many opportunities. The application for Type 07 FFL is only $150 and its recurrence fee is also $150 that you’ll only have to pay for every three years. This license type is one of the most frequently solicited licenses that the FFL clients apply for.

Another license that is often applied for is type 01 FFL. By opting for this license, you will be permitted to acquire and sell guns and ammo. The viable business possibilities are definitely narrowed down quite a bit if you’d choose opting for this license compared to type 07 FFL. Another distinction between the two is the cost. The fee for applying for type 01 FFL is $200. Nevertheless, before you decide the type 01 FFL is useless for you, I’m sure I should add that the renewal fee you need to pay every three years is of only $90. I bet you are wondering:  “Why would the ATF charge more to apply for a license you can do less with?” Well our answer is: as soon as we’ll find a person who knows, we’ll definitely share it with you.

So at the end of the day, any costs gained by attaining a FFL can be simply covered by just doing some business. Don’t allow the price of the FFL application get in your way of becoming the next FFL holder!

Join to join the ranks of FFL holders across the nation today!

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