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FFL License – How Long Does it Take to Get ?

FFL License – How Long Does it Take to Get ?

If you’ve been doing a lot of research on how to obtain your FFL, you may have the impression it’s a mind-boggling endeavor. A lot of folks wonder somewhere in the lines of “how much work is this thing going to be?” The second thought that follows is: “how long will it take?” Well, trust me it isn’t as much work as you believe and it can be done a lot faster than you can imagine.

From our own expertise and feedbacks that former customers have shared with us, a total of 8-9 hours is needed to complete the application form and get your entire paperwork ready for your FFL. If you divide this time efficiently, it’s just a bit more than one hour per night for one week. Definitely not one hour wasted if you stop to think about it! I have actually just finished the application for my eighth FFL license and I only needed 30 minutes because I know just what I am supposed to do. Our aim is assisting you to save your time, thus adding value on our products for our clients.

Afterwards, as far as the to law set in place by the ATF, the Attorney General must reply to your FFL application with either a confirmation or a rejection within 60 days after its receiving. On top of this, if the applicant doesn’t receive a reply he is entitled to filing an action to urge the Attorney General to act. It is more common that you receive an answer before the 60 days expire, but the possibility of doing something if you don’t, is useful if it should ever be required. We can assist you make sure that you receive a fast answer but especially ensure the answer you receive is a positive one.

With the assistance of, obtaining your FFL license is faster, simpler and more accurately completed. Become member and make sure you do everything right from the beginning. Your FFL is going to be closer in your grasp if you take our help!

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