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How close is “Big Brother” Watching?

How close is “Big Brother” Watching?

They are observing you. Carefully. Obama is informed about every firearm you purchase!! Well, kind of. Actually, no, not at all. There is a common delusion present around that every time someone buys a firearm from a FFL dealer the serial number of the firearm will be included in a registry alongside the buyers name while performing the background check. Nevertheless, this is false! It’s simple to see how this delusion could happen. The client fills out the Form 4473 with their complete personal information, the dealer goes into a back room to perform a background check phone call, comes back out and gives the resolution of the NICS check.

What does actually happen on in that back room? Well, in the moment when a dealer performs a NICS background check, he is asked to provide personal information about the client- complete information on name, weight, height, gender, race, state of residence, and occasionally the client’s social security number (although it is not a mandatory request). This is personal information that some clients might not wish others to be able to know. This is why dealers often use a private room in their FFL premises in order to protect the client’s intimacy. What the dealer mustn’t inform the operator during the NICS check about is the serial number of the firearm. The only weapon related information is its type, which is divided into three categories – handgun, long gun, or other firearm.  A “registered” or “unregistered” firearms is not a category by itself. The serial number of a firearm will only be mentioned if the firearm in question has been used in a crime.

This myth regarding the serial number can conceivably hurt the FFL dealers. Some clients might dodge licensed dealers and look for a private sale, particularly at gun shows, in which having a FFL license isn’t required in order to sell firearms. If you are a licensed dealer, it can come in handy explaining to your clients how the NICS background check works and let them know that no serial number will be registered to their name. Describing the advantages of performing the NICS check and the way FFL dealers help in maintaining firearms out of criminals’ hands.

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