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Gun Friendly Merchant Credit Card Processing

Gun Friendly Merchant Credit Card Processing

Commonly most of our FFLTRUST members start with the concept of obtaining a FFL license, when their plans’ are business aimed, they go about it with baby steps – starting small and planning to extend as the venture grows. Some don’t plan on grand sales strategies in the beginning and definitely nothing in the direction of opening up a storefront at first! But life is funny sometimes and one must always adapt and change initial plans. Now, cash is king, and accepted everywhere. Nevertheless, paying with credit cards is becoming increasingly more habitual. This is also the case when we’re talking about firearms sales. The great thing about the firearm business is that the customer base is used to pay an extra 2 – 3% increase on top of standard price to cover credit card fees. FFL dealer sales went up 30% once we started accepting credit cards, particularly at gun shows. Make sure to post a small sign at the show on your table indicating you accept credit cards.

Sadly, most credit card processing companies will not agree with dealers into firearms sales. In fact, the most of them won’t. As a FFL license holder you’ll have to have a gun friendly merchant services provider. This is another situation in which swoops in and saves the day! Your membership with will help getting set up with the only credit card processing company that welcomes with open arms firearms sales. Not only will we assist you get your account set up, but your membership works as your VIP card and automatically gets you the best rates as well!

We have settled on making this service available to individuals who aren’t FFLTRUST members but already have an FFL License and want to start accepting credit cards as a payment method. You can find out more about this option, by clicking here. This is but one example of the multitude of services we provide for our members and are excited to open this up to others, who have already obtained their FFL License.

As mentioned before, at the moment you’re not contemplating making use of credit card payments. But if your change your mind and your plans develop taking a whole new level is the partner that will help you through that, too! This is just another reason to become a partner with today!

Join to join the ranks of FFL holders across the nation today!

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