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Gun Control – History’s Lessons

Gun Control

“History is for human self-knowledge…the only clue to what man can do is what man has done. The value of history, then, is that it teaches us what man has done and thus what man is.”

― R.G. Collingwood

Hundreds of times over it’s been said, in some more lyrical ways and some not as much that the point of perpetually studying our history is to obtain wisdom from it. We should be able to learn not to repeat the same mistakes our ancestors have made and to follow the example of their successes. Sadly it doesn’t always happen this way. A Washington Times article which we found very interesting pointed out to us that history could be recurring in the form of certain happenings that first played out 75 years ago. The article, called “HALBROOK: What made the Nazi Holocaust possible? Gun control” refers to the “Kristallnacht”, or the Night of the Broken Glass, which was a Nazi carnage targeting the Jewish people who were forced into Gestapo custody and sent to concentration camps because they owned firearms. Jews had been forbidden to own firearms and summoned to give them up by decree of law of the German government, due to the reason of them being a threat to the German people. When the German Nazis came to take the Jews into custody, the Jews found themselves standing there without any defense.

Many have compared the events of the Holocaust and Hitler’s gun control to the efforts of the Obama Administration to ban “assault weapons.” The assault weapons censorship failed, but other rules have been put into place on state level successfully. One example involves the high capacity magazine injunction in the state of Colorado that turned into quite a commotion. Another example is the SAFE Act that has been instituted in New York and refers to the registration of certain weapons and also a injunction on various magazines. At the moment New York has some of the most rigid firearm laws in the nation. Certainly, none of these acts have yet reached the level of straight forward confiscation of large numbers of weapons. Regardless of the national tragedies we, not a single one was caused by the government attacking its own people as it happened during the Holocaust. The Holocaust is thought of as a time of great misfortune in our history. Many wonder how such a great adversity could happen in the first place and feel assured that nothing like it will ever come to pass again. Nevertheless, we’d be naive and surely not learning anything from our history if we truly rely on the fact that vicious men or women will not rise to power in order to eventually turn that power against their people.

We should work unceasingly to preserve the rights stated in the Second Amendment. It is only by continuously being loyal to the protection of all the rights granted to us by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution that we can persist being free people in our free country. Gratefully, we have organizations, like the NRA, that spend their time and energy to upholding the right to bear arms alive and well. It takes great work of many motivated individuals who wish to put their efforts into ensuring that we keep our freedoms. As Americans, we’ve been blessed with advantages that we shouldn’t take for granted.

In the famous Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln clearly stated “government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” His Address doesn’t mention anywhere a government belonging to a person that wishes to control the people. What is your understanding on these historical comparisons? Do you believe comparing the Obama Administration to the Third Reich is a far stretch? Should the citizens of the United States of America prepare themselves for what might turn into something with a larger impact?

There is much guessing going on based on what Obama has already achieved, not just in his failed tries regarding firearm control but also with the application of Obamacare which is thought by many to be a socialist scheme, and what his future plans still require during the rest of his time in office. Is a firearms seizure even possible in the United States of America, as we have seen happening in some European countries? If it is, would the Obama Administration even be causing these changes? Could it be the impetus for major civil state of agitation? We would definitely like to believe this won’t happen, but we also don’t want to pretend all of it is completely improbable. What are your thoughts? Please share with us your ideas in the comments section below.

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