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Get Your FFL License in a Virtual Office

FFL License in Virtual Office

If you want to be a FFL license holder, you’ll definitely have to have an address that can act as the official location of the license. Many of our members make use of their home address as their licensed location seeing how we are the number one on the market in assisting people getting their home-based FFL, as a affordable alternative and starting point. Home based FFL is very trendy currently, whereas doing this over the internet is an entirely different story.  Nevertheless, for some people, using their home address doesn’t work out. If this sounds like your current predicament, don’t worry! There are options for you to get your FFL license without having to get a rent on a “high dollar” retail store front that you can touch and feel.

A virtual office that can be used for an FFL store, is still a new concept that seems to be growing in fame. A virtual office is a cheaper method of having a professional office space without having to commit yourself to a costly long term rent. Usually, the rent is set up in a way that you get a certain number of monthly hours at the location you leased. Some of the companies who provide virtual offices also give you services which permit you to use a “virtual assistant”- a person who generally works from home and completes administrative chores; secretaries who can sign for packages and deliveries and answering services.

One of our members shared his method of using his virtual office space, and also how he came up with his “office on wheels” due to it. Our customer, that we will call Joe to maintain and protect his privacy, came to the conclusion that a virtual office is the right thing for him because leasing a complete space just didn’t seem feasible for his plans. Joe is capable of spending 2 h/ week at his office space to get all the work related tasks done in due time. Seeing how a virtual office is a space that is shared, Joe found himself carrying all of his items around from home to office on a weekly basis. Wishing to remain organized, he started by putting all of his paperwork in an accordion folder afterwards bringing his electronics and other commodities in. Joe soon noticed that the amount of things he had to bring along with him was increasing, so he decided that alternatively to bearing three or four bags and a suitcase with him to the office every week, he would be better off centralizing his stuff. He found a baggage kind bag on wheels – thus the “office on wheels” term – and centralized everything he required into the bag for his new FFL holder related chores. Now, he can take his company along with him quite simply. This includes participating in gun shows, where he is certain to always have everything he requires for forms and accepting payment for weapons. This way everything is always, completely organized. One can use a padlock on the case to ensure the safety of all information but it also continues to stay mobile for simply transport.

If you also have the wish to become a FFL license holder, but your home just doesn’t seem suitable, examine the possibility of a virtual office space.  We will put all the details and steps on how to get this type of location approved, at your disposal.  We have also assisted clients, including ourselves obtaining an FFL license from a storage unit space because budget was a real problem in a specific time.  The virtual office is a awesome concept because is it fairly cheap and you can get together with your customers at a non-residential location.  There are many advantages to be considered for this type of virtual FFL setup.

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