What you should know to apply for curio and relic license

(Gun Save Life) – Guns Save Life is inspiring its supporters to enroll for a Curios and Relics Federal Firearms License. Contrasting the retail gun trader federal licenses, the C&R license is cheap and easy to obtain and it does not have virtually the regulations linked with it!
Why should you enroll for a C&R license? It provides access to typically used, good, firearms at wholesale rates by way of distributors without going through a conventional retail trader, and the guns are dispatched directly to your door. There is also special opportunity available just to traders and FFL holders as well.
A number of C&R traders refer to themselves as “Crufflers” and correctly and really relish the capability to obtain antique firearms at low prices without the difficulty of purchasing from conventional traders.
Are you qualified? IN case you have a FOID card and are over 21 then you most likely are eligible.
How do you submit an application? It is not difficult.

Visit the BATF site and go over the Frequently Asked Questions which will provide you a summary of which guns are included and the essentials you’ll have to know, which are not many.
There is a link to the forms which you can fill out online and after that print out or you can print and after that fill out by hand. It is similar to Form 4473 which you fill out when you purchase a gun from a retail trader.
You will present first copy to the BATF with $30 for a 3-year license and a 2nd copy to your chief law enforcement officer (sheriff or police chief, depending on your location).
After 4 to 6 weeks, you must have your license back from BATF. Make copies and put the unsigned original in a safe place and use hand-signed copies to make a buying. You’ll have to save a bound book record of weapons bought with your C&R license and afterward sold (there are some constraints for selling your C&R obtained weapons – this is not a license to do business in guns), as relevant.