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FFL Wholesalers & Manufacturers Set Up

FFL Wholesalers & FFL Manufacturers

Becoming an FFL holder will be a small impediment compared to building new accounts to wholesalers and producers so you can purchase at wholesale rates. Wholesalers and producers can sometime prove to be choosy regarding whom to sell to, when it comes down to short supplies of firearms. One of the greatest advantages of having is the assistance we provide our customers, in setting up these accounts. We’ve always experienced positive feedback from our clients who’ve benefitted from the wholesalers contacts we’ve provided. However the one story standing out is from one of our customers who took our assistance to a whole new level…

Our FFLTRUST client, we’ll refer to him as “David”, in order to ensure his privacy, developed a brief package of information regarding all the items that wholesalers would solicit for when one would like to open an account with them. By putting this list containing all the different documents together, it minimized the time used on communication for all sides (David – wholesalers and /or manufacturers) that are working to get the accurate paperwork needed to set up and authorize his new account. Actually, he got back to us saying it took him 75% less time to set up accounts by using this method!

The package David’s created, contains the more obvious documents, like a letter of intent explaining why he’d like to have an account with the wholesaler/manufacturer and clearly a FFL license copy. It also includes some documents that are not commonly solicited in the beginning of the process of account approval. His is exactly the point that reduces so much of the waiting time for account setup approval.

We talked to David about this idea of sharing his package concept. He said, that he started out from’s advice on how to contact wholesalers and kept developing it in order to improve his shots and be more productive at the same time. He tried to develop the most professional plan of attack attainable. David began by selecting twenty of his favorite wholesalers from the list of over 30,000. He printed out copies of his document package included a cover letter, and send a package, separately, to each of the contacts. On top of this he scanned all of the documents and emailed the digital copies of the package to each wholesaler. At the end of the day, some of the accounts he chose, were up and running!

You want to know what leads to great benefits? It’s thinking outside the box, being imaginative, and having the willingness to go the extra mile. customer David definitely achieved wholesalers accounts successfully by making the most out of a simple concept. If you’ve got your personal ideas on how to perfect other best practices feel free to share them with us! By joining you can easily access the exclusive member content we offer and find out all specific details on how David actually got his wholesaler accounts setup in the blink of an eye, explained to you step-by step! We are thankful to David, for deciding to share his story, that we’ve now added to our ‘member only’ forums.

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