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FFL Sales – Contiguous States Sales

FFL Sales – Contiguous States Sales

After your FFL License application is approved and you are allowed to sell firearms, the most relevant thing to know is to whom you can actually sell them to. The common decency rules are quite easy to abide to. Refrain from selling any firearms to people if you suspect it’s a straw purchase (Click the link in our blog to get more information on Straw Purchases). Another rule, that is quite obvious, is not selling any handguns to people younger than 21 years or long guns to people younger than 18 years.

The “contiguous state” is a provision of the CGA (Gun Control Act) that some people, but not all are conscious of. According to the provision, unlicensed individuals are permitted to acquire a long gun from a FFL dealer situated in a state contiguous to the state in which the individual has his residence. This provision applies if (1) the acquisition is allowed in the state of residence of the individual purchasing; and (2) the purchase abides by the all legal conditions imposed by both states.

The provision of the GCA, regarding the purchase or placement of order of long guns to individuals of contiguous states, was amended in 1986. FFL dealers are allowed now, according to the latest provision of the law, to sell or take orders for long guns from individuals residing in any state (not only contiguous) as long as (1) the transferee will meet the FFL dealer or vendor in person to undertake the transfer; and (2) all components of the transfer (actual sale, transfer of item and receipt) completely abide to the laws in both vendor’s and buyer’s states.

We recommend you get informed about the laws in your state. Some states, haven’t yet changed their own laws regardless of the GCA revision. A vendor should always abide by the most stringent law between state and federal law. This means, if your state’s law distinctively prevents FFL license dealers from making a sale and/or transfer of a long gun to an individual residing in a non-contiguous state, this is the law you will have to follow. Nevertheless, if the law in your state explicitly permits dealers make sale and/or transfers of long guns to individuals residing in a contiguous state  ( and doesn’t state anything regarding non-contiguous states) then the state law also permits FFL dealers to sell/transfer long guns to individuals residing in non-contiguous states.

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