The laws governing gun ownership in the United States vary from one state to another. With a Federal Firearms License (FFL), you can import firearms, become a gunsmith, sell guns and ammunition.

If you’re residing in the state of Oregon, you are aware of the strict regulations. The steps can be frustrating and you might give up halfway through. The good news is that we offer a book with simple step-by-step instructions on how to get an ffl in Oregon.

FFL License Types

To handle, repair, manufacture or sell firearms, you need to understand the different types of FFL license.

Type 1 FFL: Dealer in firearms including firearms repair (Gunsmith) – This is probably all you need to run a gun shop. It allows you to buy, sell, or repair weapons.

Type 2 FFL: Pawnbroker in firearms – This is specifically for pawn shops. It includes everything type 1 does plus the ability to deal in the consignment of weapons.

Type 3 FFL: collector of curios and relics (C&R) – this allows you to import antique firearms straight to your home without incurring ffl transfer fees.

Type 6 FFL: manufacturer of ammunition for firearms – Type 6 gives you the authority to manufacture ammunition and sell to the public.

Type 7 FFL: Manufacturer of firearms and ammunition – This allows you to manufacture or assemble firearms.

Type 8 FFL: Importer of firearms and ammunition – It allows you to import firearms and ammunition from other countries.

Type 9 FFL: Dealer in destructive devices – this license allows you to deal in grenades, shotguns and semi-automatic weapons.

Type 10 FFL: manufacturer of destructive devices and ammunition.

Type 11 FFL: Importer of destructive devices, ammunition, and armor piercing ammunition.

FFL Application Fees

The fees will vary depending on the type of license you want. An FFL ranges between $30 and $200 for a 3-year period.

Whether it’s for your hobby or to start a business, let us help you get an ffl license Oregon. We know the process inside out and can guarantee a 100% chance of success. You could become a gun shop owner in a matter of hours.

Remember, you must agree to a background check by the Federal Firearms Licensing Center (FFLC) to ascertain if you are a esponsible Person.