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FFL Location- Required Documents

Once you are a FFL license holder, you are expected and solicited to keep several important documents and other material on hand at your licensed location (often your home). If the ATF will conduct an inspection at your license location they will want to make sure you have these things. So it’s highly relevant for you to know which ones they are.

Clearly the firs document they’ll look for and that you must have on hand is a copy of your FFL license. You need to keep it at hands reach in case an ATF officer will come to inspect your location. You shouldn’t expect an ATF officer to pop up once a month, but when and if one should you should make sure you can show him your license in a split second. Sam thing applies for participating at gun shows.

The second thing they’ll be looking for is the Youth Handgun Poster. This is a poster providing general information related to young people and generally the use of firearms as well as certain articles from the Youth Handgun Safety Act. Same as the poster are the Youth Handgun Safety Act Notice pamphlets that you can have on display and readily available for handing out. They contain basically the same kind of information as the poster.

Last but not least, because it is equally important is having an archived copy of all your inventory records. This means: 4473s, any FFL related record and the A&D (Acquisitions & Dispositions) Book as well. These records should be stored in a orderly fashion. As an example, many silencer manufacturers  uses large 3-ring-binders for this purpose.

In case you keep your FFL inventory at the same location as you do your personal firearms, make sure to stick a tag on all personal firearms as “not for sale” so the ATF doesn’t waste any time on these personal items.

In case you have your Class 3 license, you’ll obviously have to have a copy of that on hand at your location, just like with your FFL license. Please make sure to have all inventory records related to your Class 3 SOT license on hand as well. In case you’ve applied for any different license, you should also have copies of those on the ready for the ATF to check.

This isn’t a huge list of documents that you need to have on the ready, but it is relevant that you make sure you have each of these available and updated.

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