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FFL Requirements – Flea Markets & Gun Shows

FFL Requirements – Flea Markets & Gun Shows

The most important thing that you must do, after attaining your FFL license is knowing where and when you are allowed to sell weapons. As you’ve probably heard, gun shows, are considered by the ATF, to be an extension of your license. This means, that you can do exactly the same type of activities as you would at your license location: sell, do transfers etc. The only thing is , this rule applies to gun shows in your state. Still, there is a clear distinction the ATF makes between a gun show and a flea market.

According to the Gun Control Act of 1968, all dealers that are licensed, are allowed to run their business in their license or a bona fide gun show. However, a FFL license holder is allowed to have a firearm display at a flea market so he can take orders. You won’t be allowed to deliver your NFA item at the flea market, but only at the licensed location. This rule comes with a single exception: firearms considered to be curios/relics may be sold to other FFL license holders.

Unlicensed individuals are allowed to conduct sporadic sales or buy firearms to/from residents of the state where the flea market is taking place as long as the process does not fall under the definition of “dealer” in firearms. However the unlicensed person may not buy or order of firearms to residents of any other states.

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