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FFL License Location Specifics

Home FFL Location Requirements was designed to assist its members attain their home-based FFL license, as advertised in the content we’ve released online. We press on with our aim, daily, with wonderful achievements and this is the case with the great majority of our community members. Still, sometimes we are questioned on whether our process is also appropriate for the ones of you who do not have a residential address but more of a commercial address.

The answer is yes! The exact same process is detailed in our guide for our customers who wish to set up their FFL location in a commercial environment. Once you’ve acquired our guide, you’ll have our advice and help so you can get your FFL license, just as our customers who apply for it from their home. The ATF forms are exactly the same ones in both cases, no matter if you are soliciting your license from a commercial location or from your home.

Another common question when we are talking about an FFL location, is regarding the location where the firearms should be sent. We have a lot of members that wish to know if the license location address and the mailing address they use, must be the same. The answer is no! You will have a physical address, referring to where the premises of your business will be and where the actual transactions will happen and a entirely different mailing address – this means that all your mail and shipments will be sent there. We let you know exactly how to make this happen, in our guides.

Take for example, the firearm business some FFLs run. The company has many separate locations this implies many FFL licenses with many physical addresses. Still, the mailing address for all of the licenses is a entirely separate one –at his corporate headquarters. This pattern for running his business keeps everything organized within the licenses and ensures a problem free operating process. However, this particular situation doesn’t look anything like your reasoning for wanting the separate addresses, but it’s one example of why that possibility can come in handy.

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