FFL eZ Check System

The ATF has some particularly useful resources even if some are not what we’d call the easiest to use. The ATF has created the FFL eZ Check System that allows the ATF to check the validity of FFL licenses. This is a incredibly easy-to-use online platform. The way it works is super simple: you only have to type in the first three and last five digits of the FFL license you want to check.  After completing the digits, simply click the “submit” button. What the website provides is a linked page that stores information of the license holder with the matching FFL license number. If you compare the data of the license holder to the FFL licensee profile shown on the ATF website, these should be a perfect match. The date of expiry is also indicated on the ATF website. What the ATF website can’t change are Type 03 Collector of Curio and Relic licenses or Type 06 Manufacturer of Ammunition licenses. If you type in the digits of those licenses the webpage would automatically redirect you to an “Error” page. But this doesn’t automatically mean you should refrain from conducting business transactions with such a holder nor does it mean that his/her license is expired. Also, we recommend, you don’t consider the eZ Check system as a substitute for an actual copy of a license. Make sure to always solicit a copy of the FFL holders license when you are doing business with them, no matter whether you are mailing, transferring or selling a firearm. For some FFL license holders it’s more of a routine checking the lawfulness of every FFL licensee they are conducting business with. Of course, it isn’t mandatory, but the information’s purpose is to be used. For example, one of the situations where you might find it comes in handy is if the information on a copy is difficult to decipher. For instance, a license that has been altered or interfered with can be off looking or contain different font types. This should lead you to believing that the particular license could be fake. This is why we recommend using the FFL eZ Check platform to ensure the validity of the holder’s license. In case it confirms to be counterfeited please contact the ATF and don not proceed with the planned transaction. Have a better understanding of the FFL licenses and the ATF resources by joining FFLTrust.com today!  Find out more about the Benefits of an FFL.  Find out if we helped someone in your vicinity attain their FFL  See map..

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