FFL eZ Check to Prevent Scam

A new ATF announcement states the agency is conscious of many cases involving the use of fake Federal firearms licenses, therefore ATF offers the following help and support as under in finding situations where fake licenses might be used to get firearms unlawfully.
Once a Federal firearms licensee (FFL) is engaged in a licensee to licensee handover, the requesting FFL has to deliver an authorized copy of her or his Federal firearms license when buying a weapon from a different FFL. ATF notified licensees, in the August 2005 FFL Circular that they might accept a faxed, AUTHORIZED copy of a Federal firearms license for a transfer of licensee to licensee. Additionally, in the January 2007 FFL Circular, ATF additionally explained the licensee to licensee transfer procedure by also letting emailed and scanned, SIGNED copies of Federal firearms licenses.
This has made the transfer between licensees quicker and easier; but, it has also raised the risk of a fake license used to get weapons unlawfully. Federal law makes changing and/or illegal use of any Federal firearms license a crime punishable by jail, a fine, or both.
FFL eZ Check lets an FFL to verify that the applying FFL is a legal and present holder of a Federal firearms license. Invariably use FFL eZ Check to confirm all FFL transferals, together with verifying the names and addresses, even when it appears original. Additionally, if the certified copy of the license appears doubtful, don’t vacillate to phone your district ATF office for help.
Making use of FFL eZ Check can assist you carry out legal business and can reinforce your in-house rules. If you just examine to see if the license is legal you might overlook the point that the address, delivery address, or name on the license differs from the copy sent from the applying FFL. If all information isn’t right, you might be dealing with somebody trying to get weapons using a fake license. If the data is not the same in any manner, get in touch with a regional ATF Industry Operations office for more help prior to sending to this FFL.