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FFL Dealer – Transportation of Firearms

FFL Dealer – Transportation of Firearms

Firearm transportation, once you are in possession of your FFL license, is going to be happening frequently.  The ATF has prerequisites for firearm transportation. And they apply on a national level. You can find them under 18 U.S.C. section 926A and 27 CFR 478.138.  They indicate the fact that, if you are not forbidden from transporting, receiving or shipping firearms in between states or foreign commerce (which you can’t be, otherwise you wouldn’t have been eligible for the FFL license in the first place) you are allowed to transport firearms in your vehicle for any legitimate reason.  You must see to it that your firearm is unloaded, and both firearm and/or ammo are not made accessible by the passenger or to the passenger compartment of your vehicle. In case you are driving a sports car or a hatchback, the firearm must be transported in locked containers and deposited in another place than the glove compartment or console.

Please bear in mind the fact that there is an encompassing directive that regards federal regulation. Surely, law enforcement will maintain their position on the rather rigid side of the law. This means, if a particular state, has tighter regulations regarding firearm transportation, you must follow them. These are the states where the regulations are more severe: California, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

These regulations mainly refer to handguns and long guns. Regulations on NFA items like silencers, SBRs, machine guns are distinctive and much more rigid. If you apply and obtain a Class 3 license, most of the regulations will stop applying. Nevertheless, if you do not have the Class 3 license, you are not allowed to travel to these states: IA, MN, MA, RI, NJ, NY, DE, CA, or Washington D.C. Non-Class 3 licensees may transport silencers across state lines without the notification of the ATF, except for the states mentioned priory. In case you want to transport SBRs, SBSs or machine guns you are prohibited from doing so in the absence of a ATF notification sent priory to your date of transfer.

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