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FFL to FFL Purchases

Once you’ve gotten your FFL permit, your methods for acquiring guns are not as a matter of course constrained to wholesalers or people who need to exchange or sell. You can actually buy guns from other FFL permit holders as well. For that kind of exchange, you’ll need to give the transferor (FFL holder you’re acquiring from) your signed duplicate FFL permit. Regardless of the possibility that you want the gun for your very own private collection, it needs to go into your A&D book as a bought item as ATF law obliges you to record any gun which comes into your ownership amid the time which you hold a eligible FFL permit.

On the off chance that another FFL permit holder might want to buy a gun from you, it’s empowered that you acquire a signed duplicate of their FFL permit. The Form 4473 is supposed to be concluded when the transferee (individual accepting the gun) does not hold a FFL permit.

In order to stay organized we try storing all paperwork for transfer outs and transfer in in a three ring binder.  You advise you to consider having a FFL License copy in your transfer outs binder.

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