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FFL Dealer License

The most important aspect of applying for a FFL License is, knowing what you really need it for. There are several types of licenses, each specific for certain services that can be provided by being an owner. So ask yourself the question: do you want to be able to buy cheaper firearms? Do you want to do some internet transfers for third parties? Do you only want to be able to buy & sell firearms and ammo for some extra cash? Do you want to assemble AR-15 rifles or do some gunsmith work?

The thing is, if you apply for the wrong type of FFL you might be simply denied or asked to go through the process from the beginning. Of course if you are approved your FFL but you can’t use it for what you intended it doesn’t serve its purpose either. If you must then reapply because you haven’t the right license can be a troublesome process. This is the main issue why clients seek our council and aid at Many clients prefer 07FFL , that allows them to buy&  sell, repair and assemble & manufacture ammo and firearms. This kind of license comes with a lot of benefits and we offer you full assistance during the entire application process, seeing how it differs in some ways from other FFL applications. It’s crucial to understand all advantages and characteristics of the different kinds of FFLs.

Most common FFL License Types –

Type 01 FFL License – buy, sell, repair firearms & ammo (ATF fee is $200 for THREE years)

Type 02 FFL License – buy, sell, repair, pawn firearms (ATF fee is $200 for THREE years)

Type 07 FFL License – buy, sell, repair, assemble, and manufacture firearms and ammo (ATF fee is $150 for THREE years)

We are looking forward in helping you procure the right FFL to serve you and your future plans. If you want to be 100% sure to have the right assistance in your process, you can rely on our CEO. Our CEO at has assisted a great number of individuals in attaining their FFL license over the last years.  This implies that he is the key person, with the most know-how and expertise in aiding folks in setting up their home based Federal Firearms License.  We have consolidated our process so greatly, that many clients announce that they received their FFL dealer license in 60-90 days.

Make sure to have a peek at our members’ forum and discover other members. The forum is branched by state and it will provide you with real advice from other individuals in your area. It is quite useful getting tips from people facing the same state related situations that you might find yourself in. As soon as you get your FFL, you’ll discover a vast number of positive circumstances that you never ever thought of. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

our CEO is experienced (starting with 2005) in helping you with attaining your FFL approved the very first time you consider applying! He has assisted over 50,000 customer, see our customer map!


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