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FFL Dealer Guidelines for Gunshows

FFL Dealer Guidelines for Gunshows

As an extension of the FFL license, FFL dealers are allowed to handle their business at gun shows happening in the same state they are licensed for. The ATF considers this as an augmentation to the FFL license location.

The 1968 Gun Control Act (GCA) prevented FFL dealers to doing any business at gun shows. This was amended in 1986 through the Firearms Owners Protection Act. According to this Act, FFL licensees where given the right of doing business at gun shows, by agreeing to abide to the rules of the GCA and the specific federal regulations.

These rules are fairly simple but quite important to know. Here they are:

Make sure to display your license during your participation to the gun show. This is a rule that applies also to your licensed location (home, office, building). Just as you must do at your licensed location, you must also abide to keep your records thoroughly, including all acquisitions, dispositions, and recording the place of sale. Please bear in mind the fact that you may only sell handguns to residents of your state. This applies when you are participating in a gun show, taking place in your state. You are allowed to sell long guns to any buyer, provided that he is at least aged 18. This way the outlines of the Brady law apply and the sale is considered to be legal in both states. You are allowed to deal with firearms with any FFL possessor. You may buy firearms from any FFL licensed in the state or any unlicensed individual.

Please bear in mind that you must record the origin of the firearms. If a non-licensee wishes to acquire a gun that you may not sell to him/her, you are permitted to take an order and ship it to a FFL holder in the clients state. The Brady law will have to be abided to by the FFL holder you will ship your item to.

The FFL holders that are NOT owners of a FFL license in the state the gun show is taking place must still display their license. They are not entitles to sell any firearms, except for curio or relic for whom the buyer must be an FFL holder for any state. The laws of both states must be closely followed. You may also, ship any curio or relic to other FFL holders. You are allowed to buy firearms from any FFL holder, who is licensed in the state the gun show is taking place and from unlicensed persons. You must also, record the transaction in your records. You are allowed to display and take orders.

Gun shows are a fun alternative and specific benefit for FFL holders of getting extra income flowing in. The Class 3 weapons business we own, started at gun shows. We still work every gun show in quite a few states and this keeps our business rolling all year long. A correctly worked gun show shouldn’t be minimized.


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