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FFL Application – A closer look…

The first time you take a look at the ATF FFL it might seem intimidating, difficult or even mind-boggling, even though the information solicited is fairly direct and not complicated to fill in.  What we do, in our  ffl guides,, is provide you with a completely fill out FFL application , that we have added extra comments to help explain more specifically what the ATF is soliciting and why. We also feature a video matching each chapter of our guides. The video on completing this application is 45 minutes long!! It is crucial for the FFL approval procedure that the application is filled in accurately, even though at a first glance it might seem something fairly easy to do. If there are any errors in the application, the ATF might deny you the approval, leading to any future plans you might have to be put off. We also recommend studying the  FFL requirements also.

The online version of the ATF FFL application form is here. Even though the questions seem to be quite direct, there are a few matters that were pointed out to us by non FFLTRUST customers… Upon FFL application approval, there were some contexts in which applicants found it difficult to set up accounts with wholesalers or manufacturers  due to the manner in which they had initially filed their application. Another frequent problem is related to the hours of operation appealed on the FFL application – in this case each regional ATF office seems to have a different view, explanation and perception on the matter.

The trick with the FFL hours of operation on the application is that if you put too little or too many weekend hours, you will probably be denied.  If you name too many hours during the day, there will most likely be a inspection exactly at a time when you wouldn’t even be available. What we can help you with is setting up a perfect timeframe for your business, in accordance to your current and future plans, that won’t raise any eyebrows in the eyes of the ATF.  By closely dealing with this situation, we also discovered that by answering question #9 in a certain manner – you’ll be able to select hours by appointment only, which is probably the best way to get started anyway. will also provide you with efficient options preventing minimizing your chances of being set up with wholesalers and producers once your FFL is officially approved by the ATF, in case you fill in your full name in Question #1 of the application for. There are different options for filling in the answer for the first question and we also provide you with council in how you can make us of your name correctly in case it is the only option you have.

The ATF FFL Question #2 of the application form can be quite tricky.  If you don’t know what the right way of answering the question is, this might negatively fall back on you when you try to set up accounts with suppliers or producers, in a comparable way as described in the note above. Providing the right answer for this question implies more than you might think. In case you don’t answer in an appropriate way eBay, Google, Yahoo, PayPal and Facebook can prevent you from sticking to your initial plans for the future, because of the fact that you name will pop up. This is when our long experience comes in handy. You have to consider that many of the Internet titans don’t look favorably on firearms, so you have to take measure not to become a victim of this reality. We have dedicated an entire chapter to this crucial issue by giving a lot of thought into the answer to this question. Our wish is for you to be able to remember the application process in a positive way by avoiding any possible risks. What our marketing background will help you with is, responding to this question in the best way so wholesalers and producers open your acquisition with open arms.


The specific type of FFL license that suits you best is also worth thinking of. Each kind of license comes with specific advantages and characteristics. 01FFL is intended for repair, buy & sell of firearms. 07 FFL, which is a less expensive alternative, is intended for repair, buy & sell and fabrication and production of firearms. This is the top growing FFL application now. The 07 also has different levels so it is really utterly relevant to study all opportunities and alternatives instead of considering applying for a federal firearms license blindly.

For the ATF not to deny your applications, the most important thing to do is filling it out correctly. Being approved a FFL license but not being able to set up accounts to producers and suppliers later on is also something we want to help you avoid. There are some prevention measures including a right outline that will help you have extremely less problems after you receive your FFL license. We can help you turn this process into a clean and fruitful experience!

Finish Your FFL Application

We can provide you with the most coherent and accessible package on the market. What defines the uniqueness of is their unbelievable vast industry know-how and easy going customer service. our CEO walks the mile with every client, answering personally to each email he receives. His one-on-one approach help people decide much more easy what type of license suits them best. He stands by his customers and helps them with paperwork and even the meeting with the ATF. He can provide answers related to state or federal requirements, as he has attained direct experience and has well-rounded information to share. There is no wonder why the CEO runs the largest and most credible FFL dealer and Class 3 dealership in America – it all relies on him and his personal touch that he shares with each client. continues helping its clients even after they’ve attained their FFL license. We supply our customers with a particularized list of producers and suppliers, giving our clients the opportunity of finding the best deals and choosing the closest locations to them in order to ensure fair shipping rates. Buying a FFLTRUST kit is the best asset for your future. What our clients realized is that, by using the FFLTRUST kit instead of wasting time and money to find wholesalers and manufacturers themselves, they invest in the long run in their business, from day 1. We will take your cares away during the approval process and will help you make sure you do everything right the first time.

Our CEO assists his clients in finding affordable ammo and firearms by means of his direct contacts: connections at wholesalers . It would be quite a stretch to assume there are any better deals out there that clients could find by themselves. We help citizens in all 50 states because we have a long-term experience that allows us to. Get your FFL license the quick, effortless and cheap way! Allow our CEO and to help you,



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