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FFL License Location

FFL License Location

According to our experience so far, we can recommend that you specify the perimeters of where your FFL will be, in fact, located. The ATF tends to presume, when you write your home’s address as location for your license, that the entire mentioned location, will be dedicated for this purpose. If you don’t clearly define the space you intend to use as the FFL license location, they will presume you intend to use your entire house. Also, in case of an on going inspection, they will feel free to inspect your entire property for bookkeeping records, inventory records etc.

Nonetheless, this can be avoided. You can secure your intimacy by keeping the ATF restricted to a sole area if you specify where exactly your business will be located. FFL Trust cans how you how to perfectly plan your business space no matter if you plan on running it from a bedroom, an office or your kitchen table. This procedure will give you the certainty of not making your home vulnerable in front of an ATF “fishing expedition”.

The ATF has rectified a ruling of the Gun Control Act permitting a gun show in the state you are licensed for, to be an augmentation of your license. This supposed that you are allowed to do anything at a gun show that you can do from your license location, such as: selling or transferring firearms. In addition you can participate in gun shows outside of that state and have a display and accept orders for guns. You are not entitled to make transfers at the particular gun shows , but as soon as you are back to your license location you can start making deliveries to a licensed dealer in the state of the client.

It’s best not to leave any room for guessing or interpretation in your FFL application. Make sure to be on top of your FFL license application and approval process.

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