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C&R 03 FFL License

The Collector of Curios and Relics license, also known as the C&R FFL, is a special license needed by persons who wish to collect antique weapons, categorized by the ATF as artifacts or curio’s. This is the most prohibiting and confining license and it varies quite a great deal compared to other FFL licenses.

The C&R license only allows owners to collect items categorized as relics or curio’s that are not subjects to the Brady law, that specifically solicits a background check for all transactions involving firearms. A person owning a C&R license can’t simply buy items in order to resell them. Type 03 FFL Collector’s license is dedicated to persons who only wish to collect antique guns. In case the person would like to buy a contemporary weapon, it would be still mandatory for the licensee to fill out a 4473 form, just as a person with no license would have to.

There are three characteristics that an item must have in order to be considered a “curio” or “relic” by the ATF. The first is related to the age of the firearm – it must be produced 50 years before the current date. Replicas of the firearm don’t matter. The original firearm must be this old. The second characteristic is that a curator of a municipal, state, or federal museum, which exhibits firearms has confirmed, that the firearm can be of museum interest. The last criterion is related to the financial value of the item that is set in accordance to its particular, exceptional, curious or linked to a historic figure, event or time.

The person owning a C&R license must, however, keep the same kind of inventory records, just as any FFL licensees. The FFL book must include information on the weapons characteristics as well as information related to its origin (from where and when you acquired the weapon). The ATF will not solicit you to hand over your records when you solicit a license renewal.  Only FFL licensees “engaged in business” must present the records to the ATF. The C&R license isn’t permitting the owner to engage in business.

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