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FFL A&D Book – ATF Requirements

FFL A&D Book – ATF Requirements

The Acquisitions and Dispositions book, also known as the A&D book, is the most relevant archive tool for FFL license holders. In this book, each and every gun purchased by a FFL holder is evidenced. The archive also includes data on every fire weapon. The information that an A&D book stores is:

  • producer or international merchant/ importer
  • model
  • serial number
  • kind of firearm
  • caliber or gauge
  • data received
  • name, address & FFL of person or company from whom you have acquired the weapon.
  • date of distribution
  • name & address of person or company to whom it went
  • address or FFL of person or company to whom it was transferred
  • the number 4473


Back in the days it use to be common practice, and rarely still is nowadays, to hand-write the information mentioned above, into the A&D book. Due to the increase in technological gadgets and increasing numbers of orders, the ATF has agreed to accept a digital version of the A&D book, as long as it maintains a specific preset order of guidelines. You can look the guidelines up in the ATF Rulling 2008-2. This is a compendium of the main core of the ruling:

  • The system used for data entry must have a change tracker. In case of modification these must be entered as new entries.
  • The system used must include a search feature, permitting the user to track a firearm by date or serial number.
  • The system used must be backed up periodically in order to prevent the data from being erased accidentally or due to system failure.

Here is a link for the specific ruling:

A Microsoft Excel platform for the A&D book is not usually approved by the ATF, due to its lacking capacity for data change tracking. However, we have designed a easy to use program, that uses Excel, but incorporates a feature that prevents changes from being edited and allows the user to track them. We use Dropbox, that stores its content in the “cloud”. This is a great method of preventing file loss due to system crash/damage/theft etc. Please click this link here to see a copy of the FFLTrust’s digital A&D book. This is the type of formatting for all our locations. Never forget to print a copy of you’re A&D archive, every 6 months because the ATF will insist to see these copies in case of a compliance inspection.

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