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FFL – ATF Child Safety Lock Act

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Along with the opportunity of selling firearms, comes the responsibility of handling weapons cautiously and abiding the set legislation and laws on firearms safety. One of  these laws is the Child Safety Lock Act of 2005 (CSLA). It became effective on April 24th 2006 after being introduced as a revision of the Gun Control Act. What the law affirms is that it is a illegal for  “any licensed S importer, manufacturer, or dealer to sell, deliver, or transfer any handgun to any person, other than another licensee, unless the transferee (buyer) is provided with a secure gun storage or safety device for that handgun.” The reason for this law is to prevent illegitimate persons, such as kids, from getting in contact with weapons. In order for it to be effective, the accessory must be able to lock the firearm to prevent accidental firing, until the accessory is disabled.


Certainly the law leaves out transfers to law enforcement agencies or officer, the US or its agencies in case the weapon is thought to be an antique or artifact, for which no safety storage can be supplied for at the moment of transfer. However, a safety storage must still be provided in 10 days upon ransfer. The only exception to the 10 day rule are situations not controllable by the dealer, such as: mishap loss, back order or robbery.


Technically, each brand new product, has a included lock in the case, in such the CSLA policy is regarded when a new firearm is being transported. If you have a firearm that doesn’t have a lock, there are several wholesalers that you can buy one from, for a decent price. Having extra locks on hand is always a good idea. Please be certain that the safety equipment you sell is adequate. Zip ties, or strings are not adequate from the ATF perspective, even though they might stop a firearm from being fired.


The ATF’s aim is keeping weapons safe by enforcing legislation and passing laws. These can’t supplant  a proper gun safety lesson. It’s important to make sure to comprehend the safety practices for weapons and be quite forward in sharing them with others.


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