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FFL A&D Book – ATF Requirements

FFL A&D Book – ATF Requirements

The Acquisitions and Dispositions book, also known as the A&D book, is the most relevant archive tool for FFL license holders. In this book, each and every gun purchased by a FFL holder is evidenced. The archive also includes data on every fire weapon. The information that an A&D book stores is:

  • producer or international merchant/ importer
  • model
  • serial number
  • kind of firearm
  • caliber or gauge
  • data received
  • name, address & FFL of person or company from whom you have acquired the weapon.
  • date of distribution
  • name & address of person or company to whom it went
  • address or FFL of person or company to whom it was transferred
  • the number 4473


Back in the days it use to be common practice, and rarely still is nowadays, to hand-write the information mentioned above, into the A&D book. Due to the increase in technological gadgets and increasing numbers of orders, the ATF has agreed to accept a digital version of the A&D book, as long as it maintains a specific preset order of guidelines. You can look the guidelines up in the ATF Rulling 2008-2. This is a compendium of the main core of the ruling:

  • The system used for data entry must have a change tracker. In case of modification these must be entered as new entries.
  • The system used must include a search feature, permitting the user to track a firearm by date or serial number.
  • The system used must be backed up periodically in order to prevent the data from being erased accidentally or due to system failure.

Here is a link for the specific ruling: www.atf.gov/files/regulations-rulings/rulings/atf-rulings/atf-ruling-2008-2.pdf

A Microsoft Excel platform for the A&D book is not usually approved by the ATF, due to its lacking capacity for data change tracking. However, we have designed a easy to use program, that uses Excel, but incorporates a feature that prevents changes from being edited and allows the user to track them. We use Dropbox, that stores its content in the “cloud”. This is a great method of preventing file loss due to system crash/damage/theft etc. Please click this link here to see a copy of the FFLTrust’s digital A&D book. This is the type of formatting for all our locations. Never forget to print a copy of you’re A&D archive, every 6 months because the ATF will insist to see these copies in case of a compliance inspection.

The tools and best practice example above is just another proof that FFLTrust is the best partner for you, to assist you while you get your own FFL license. The complete version software program we use, is handed, FREE of charge to all our clients.

Join FFLTRUST.com and check our FFL Resource Page for more information on firearm legislation and be a FFL owner yourself!

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Silencer Transfers : What’s the Time-frame?

Silencer Transfers

A great number of our customers from FFLTrust.com are always keen on understanding how long the actual wait time for silencers is. It’s a quite relevant question for most people considering the fact that in most cases people consider that the sooner the better. This is the advice we commonly give our clients: get used to asking questions! Try asking other customers about what their experience is, how long have they have been waiting for or how long they have waited (in case they’ve already received their approval). Get started on checking forums out so you can find out what people across the country are experiencing- if times are slowing down or speeding up and in what locations these trends are occurring. Make sure to ask your Class 3 dealer what wait times they’ve experienced. In case you are a dealer, make sure to be attentive to how long it takes from the mailing date to the stamp date of the approval. This is the only way you can have a correct answer for your customers.

Wait times also depend on the kind of transfer we are discussing. Commonly two main forms are being used for the transfers of silencers. One of them is a ATF Form 3, that is used to transfer a silencer from a Class 3 dealer (or wholesaler or manufacturer) to another Class 3 dealer. The second is a Form 4, which is the transfer from a Class 3 dealer to a non-licensee (or vice versa). As you would expect, the Form 3 transfer is completed in a much shorter time period than the other Form 4. (A Form 3 is a tax-free transfer as that requirements fee for the license covers). As such, it is relevant to think about whether trying to attain your Class 3 license would be beneficial for your situation.

Ultimately, we hope to notice this situation changing. We’ve experienced wait times go through different kinds of time spans. Some while back both types of transfers could be accomplished in matter of days! The ever-growing interest in silencers has definitely brought its effect on the wait time as the volume of transfer forms at the ATF’s NFA Branch has escalated. If you have a bit of time on your hands make sure to contact your elected state officials and bid them to suggest changes to increase the staff at the NFA Branch. For them to serve your best interests is basically why you’ve elected them isn’t it? And surely, in case you wish to become a Class 3 dealer, Join FFLTrust.com today!

Also click on our Frequently Asked Questions link.

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FFL Benefits : Why people are rushing to get a FFL

What are the benefits of a FFL License?

So you’re wondering about getting your federal firearms license. You are probably wondering what the advantages of being a FFL license holder might actually be. Here are some of the advantages you may or may not have considered already:

Firstly, you get to save a lot of money on firearms and accessories. There is a markup of roughly 30 percent off for firearms. So basically when you place an order from a wholesaler after being a brand new FFL holder, you’ll be saving 30 percent of every single item! Just so you can get an idea: a brand new Glock 17 is commonly sold for about $500. However when you buy it through a wholesaler after you have your own FFL license, you’ll only pay $350!

Assist your friends and family save money on their purchases as well. Your savings may be passed onto your friends and family. You can also give them quite a large discount. It is great to be able to aid your family and friends isn’t it?

Certainly the reason you’ll want to be a FFL holder in the first place is so you can actually make some money. You can sell the firearms and accessories you’ve acquired at their full retail to earn some money. This will aid your try of covering the price of the license and fill up your wallet at the same time! The price of the license is $150 and it covers a three years fee. By simply selling a single one of the Glocks I have mentioned before during your first three years of being a FFL holder, and the entire cost of your license will be is covered! Another way you can earn revenue after being a FFL holder is help others by offering your services to do transfers. (See our blog titled “What is a transfer?” and find out more details on transfers.)

As a FFL holder you are also in the right position to have access to the good stuff. The law has been changed a lot in several states recently. Most of those laws absolve FFL dealers from their binds. As an example you can’t resale to in state residents any of the restricted items, but you are allowed to own and sell these particular items online! Make sure to double-check this with local officials though so you can have a confirmation.

Adaptability. Have you always been looking for a perfect firearm and have found it now? Get your FFL license, set up your wholesaler accounts, and search their websites for the exact items you’ve always been looking for!

With all of these advantages, there is no way to go wrong. There’s no need to waste another day? Get your FFL license today and start begin saving money today! Join FFLTrust.com Today!

There is another detail you should be aware of: the ATF will not approve you application for an FFL license in case you wish to us your license only for 100% personal usage only. This means that you must agree to assist others with transfers and such, etc. And there is something you can trust me on: once you are a FFL license holder, your popularity will grow instantly!
Click the link to access the FFL Related Questions & Answers

Click see map! And see how many people we have already helped in your neighborhood!

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Get Your FFL License in a Virtual Office

FFL License in Virtual Office

If you want to be a FFL license holder, you’ll definitely have to have an address that can act as the official location of the license. Many of our members make use of their home address as their licensed location seeing how we are the number one on the market in assisting people getting their home-based FFL, as a affordable alternative and starting point. Home based FFL is very trendy currently, whereas doing this over the internet is an entirely different story.  Nevertheless, for some people, using their home address doesn’t work out. If this sounds like your current predicament, don’t worry! There are options for you to get your FFL license without having to get a rent on a “high dollar” retail store front that you can touch and feel.

A virtual office that can be used for an FFL store, is still a new concept that seems to be growing in fame. A virtual office is a cheaper method of having a professional office space without having to commit yourself to a costly long term rent. Usually, the rent is set up in a way that you get a certain number of monthly hours at the location you leased. Some of the companies who provide virtual offices also give you services which permit you to use a “virtual assistant”- a person who generally works from home and completes administrative chores; secretaries who can sign for packages and deliveries and answering services.

One of our FFLTRUST.com members shared his method of using his virtual office space, and also how he came up with his “office on wheels” due to it. Our customer, that we will call Joe to maintain and protect his privacy, came to the conclusion that a virtual office is the right thing for him because leasing a complete space just didn’t seem feasible for his plans. Joe is capable of spending 2 h/ week at his office space to get all the work related tasks done in due time. Seeing how a virtual office is a space that is shared, Joe found himself carrying all of his items around from home to office on a weekly basis. Wishing to remain organized, he started by putting all of his paperwork in an accordion folder afterwards bringing his electronics and other commodities in. Joe soon noticed that the amount of things he had to bring along with him was increasing, so he decided that alternatively to bearing three or four bags and a suitcase with him to the office every week, he would be better off centralizing his stuff. He found a baggage kind bag on wheels – thus the “office on wheels” term – and centralized everything he required into the bag for his new FFL holder related chores. Now, he can take his company along with him quite simply. This includes participating in gun shows, where he is certain to always have everything he requires for forms and accepting payment for weapons. This way everything is always, completely organized. One can use a padlock on the case to ensure the safety of all information but it also continues to stay mobile for simply transport.

If you also have the wish to become a FFL license holder, but your home just doesn’t seem suitable, examine the possibility of a virtual office space.  We will put all the details and steps on how to get this type of location approved, at your disposal.  We have also assisted clients, including ourselves obtaining an FFL license from a storage unit space because budget was a real problem in a specific time.  The virtual office is a awesome concept because is it fairly cheap and you can get together with your customers at a non-residential location.  There are many advantages to be considered for this type of virtual FFL setup.

Join FFLTrust.com to join the ranks of FFL holders across the nation today!

See additional FFL resources! Not sure yet? Check out our benefits of obtaining an FFL and see for yourself!!


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The FFL License Application : Learn How it’s Done

FFL License Application

Quite obviously the application for a federal firearms license is one of the most relevant aspects of the entire process. This is probably the reason why you are here! Nevertheless, what may not be as clear in the beginning is that the application is in fact, a bit more complicated than you might think at first. The process is composed out of four different parts. Every single part of the application must be filled out correctly and completely. And this is exactly the one great advantage that becoming a member of FFLTrust.com guarantees.

Within our guide we have attached an example ffl application that is labeled pointing out just the information you must use to fill it out. We’ve also added chapters of questions we are being frequently asked; we have detailed the explanation into a distinct, complete paragraph to make sure that you feel certain that what you’re writing in your application is indeed precise and accurate. Our aim is to ensure that you don’t have to red the application process again seeing how you’ll have all the information you need in order to fill out the application properly.

Other questions that are rather frequent are related to the CLEO (chief law enforcement officer) part of the application. In the guide, we explain in detail to you what is considered to be common in your area and precisely what you would need to send him or her.

Our guides will even explain to you what the steps are, that you should take if you wish to have several different persons on your FFL license. We have also created a list of documents that must be submitted in copy because of the additional members and which will solely require one copy.

Ultimately, we have put together a inclusive check list of all the actions that need to be done prior to submitting your FFL application. This checklist will ensure that your application goes through as problem free as possible because it implies that you have prevented all steps that might disrupt your application approval or even worse end up in a complete rejection! The FFL application by itself is only part of the paperwork that needs to be submitted so make sure to confer with our list of other solicitations to be filed accurately the first time you do it.

Join FFLTrust.com and have access to your inside information today! Check out our Question & Answers on getting an FFL. Section. Check out our by clicking this link: Testimonials

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FFL Number – What Does It Mean?

FFL Number – What Does It Mean?

Once you’ve completed every step to attain your FFL License, you will receive your FFL number. This is a 15-digit number composed of one letter and fourteen numbers. This is the common set up for a FFL number #-##-###-##-#X-#####. Although it may seem as such, these digits are not randomly selected. Each set has a meaning and stands for something specific. Following is a simplified breakdown of what your FFL number means.

The very first number in your FFL license is in respect to the region of the country you are living in. Our country is broken down into seven regions.

1- Southeast

3- Midwest

4- Central

5- Southwest

6- North Atlantic

8- Mid Atlantic

9- Western

The second digit is related to your IRS district and dates back to the time when the FFL process was run under the IRS. The districts range from 01 to 99, starting in Maine and – to Hawaii. However not all of the numbers between 01 and 99 are used. Most districts are just one state. For example, Tennessee is 62. Where population in certain cities is higher, the districts may be broken up accordingly. For example, in Illinois, Chicago is 36 and Springfield is 37. Something like this also occurs in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and California.

The third number stands for your county Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) code. This code is appointed based on the county in which the physical address of your FFL is situated. As an example, Minnehaha County in South Dakota is 083.

The fourth number stands for the type of FFL you have applied for and attained. Most FFLTRUST.com members choose either a type 01 or type 07, in such the fourth number would either be 01 or 07. For a full list of the different types of FFL licenses, see our blog Types of FFL Licenses!

The fifth number is a combination of one digit and one letter, and stands for the expiration date of your license. The digit refers to the year by being a equivalent with the last number in the year of expiration. So, a license, which expires in 2016, will have a 6. A license, which expires in 2015, will have a 5, and so on. The letter corresponds with the month of expiration. The letters go “A” through “M” with the letter “I” being skipped. A stands for January, and M stands for December with all of the other months falling in order between them. Therefore, a FFL license, which expires in November of 2015, would have 5L in the fifth number space. The actual complete expiry date will be included on the license itself as well.

The final number in the license sequence is five digits. It is the number appointed to the FFL holder by the ATF, normally sequentially and gives you an estimate appraisal of the age of FFL License for the particular state. The ATF statistics indicate that as of July 2013, there are over 137,000 FFL licenses throughout the US. More than ½ of these are a C&R FFL License for individuals collecting antique firearms. Logically this supposes that the five number sequences get repeated, but because of the other numbers in the FFL license, it’s highly improbable fort an entire FFL number to be repeated.

What you can do, based on the FFL number, is identify where a FFL is situated. You can also have an idea of what your FFL number will look like. To check to ensure a number is eligible and that the license hasn’t expired, the ATF keeps a cross-reference website, that you can access by clicking this link: https://www.atfonline.gov/fflezcheck/


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